Top Hollywood Creators Call on Studios to Cover Workers’ Costs for “Abortion-Related Crimes”


Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are calling on studios to offer coverage for workers’ court costs should they find themselves facing charges for “abortion-related crimes” now that several states have moved to ban or severely restrict abortion.

J.J. Abrams, Judd Apatow, and Shonda Rime are some of the figures involved with the Hollywood4AbortionAccess coalition, which sent a letter to the heads of major studios last week, as Variety reported.

The group is demanding efforts be made to protect the “reproductive rights” of “women and people who can become pregnant” working in the film industry.

The over 1,400 directors, producers, and showrunners are calling on studios to “guarantee job security and non-retaliation if a member of a production must take time off to travel for reproductive healthcare from states where abortion is criminalized.”

They also call for “guaranteed coverage for attorneys’ fees, court expenses, and fines for any employees or other production workers who are prosecuted for abortion-related crimes” as well as for the “appointment of a Reproductive Health Care Officer for every production in an abortion-hostile location.”

Studios are urged to present their plan before the coalition by September 5.

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