Top Legal Academic Tells Theresa May Sex Offenders, Pedophiles Should Be Allowed to Adopt


There is no such thing as a safe way to normalize child sex abuse or pedophilia. To begin with, it’s stunning that, in the Western world, so many sex offenders no longer face execution.

We also cannot ignore the increasing rhetoric from the LGBT left that sex between children and adults is just another sexuality and should be embraced and encouraged.

It is an understatement to say that the widespread acceptance of alternative sexual lifestyles was a slippery slope, but it is one that has always inevitably led to this point: the widespread acceptance and normalization of child sex abuse.

A leading legal academic in the UK has called on Theresa May not to bar all sex offenders from adoption or working with children, the Telegraph UK reports. Arguing that re-offender rates among pedophiles is relatively low, “Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to relax rules which automatically ban sex offenders from caring for children, saying that this could breach their human rights.”

In her article, Miss Reece suggested that the review should also introduce an assumption that sex offenders including child abusers posed no threat once they had served their sentence.

She said: “There is no reason why all sex offenders should not be considered as potentially suitable to adopt or foster children, or work with them.

“The Vetting and Barring Scheme and other legislative measures single out sex offenders for unfair special treatment and they destroy the principle that a prisoner pays his or her debt by serving their sentence before re-entering society on equal terms.”

Individuals are placed on the “Barred List” and banned from working with youngsters or vulnerable adults if they are convicted of a sexual or violent offence, or one involving the mistreatment of a child.

Miss Reece criticised the rules for leading all sex offenders to be “tarred with the same brush,” saying that while “careful screening” was “important,” the issuing of a “blanket ban” violated the rights of criminals who wanted to adopt or work with young people.

When you place this sentiment in the context of the recent Catholic sex scandals, it’s a wonder anyone would even dare make this statement.

What is more important; the human rights of a sex offender, or the safety and security of children?

Of course, if we’re being entirely honest, strict laws governing who can or cannot with children is not the most important measure to protect children.

Defending the purity and innocence of children and re-stigmatizing pedophilia and alternative sexual lifestyles is.

This is a cultural, societal, and spiritual problem ultimately, and as long as we continue to turn a blind eye to the mass sexualization of children in pop culture, to the godlessness of mainstream society, and the blatant propaganda from the LGBT left encouraging elicit sex acts among children in public school sex ed programs and the media, we will continue to apologize for and protect sex offenders.

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