Top Miami Dem Admits: “Defund the Police Killed Us,” Party “Obliterated By Hispanics”


Millions of Americans have lived their entire lives in the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. The most adversity they’ve ever faced is coping with the icky feeling it gives them when someone disagrees with them on social media or when President Donald Trump got elected despite being so mean.

However, our nation, a haven for the world’s oppressed and downtrodden, is also populated with a great many exiles and refugees from nations governed by utterly corrupt or completely dismantled systems.

There are a great many reasons that President Donald Trump has managed to dramatically expand the tend of his party. After all, his platform of freedom, law and order, secure borders, economic prosperity, and political incorrectness appeals to Americans of all walks of life.

But it has been POTUS’ bold, unapologetic opposition to socialism and radical ideology that has gained the support of some key Hispanic voting blocs that one Florida Democrat was forced to admit killed their chances of winning the Sunshine State, Breitbart reports.

“‘We must have gotten obliterated by Hispanics…. defund the police killed us,’ says top Miami Dem, citing a BLM backlash Waving Che Guevara flags, even though it was by just a few, gets lots of attention in a community that sees him as a symbol of totalitarian butchery,” Politico’s Marc Caputo tweeted out on Tuesday night after Florida was called for President Trump.

Indeed, despite weak denials of their adjacence to radical “Defund the Police” and Marxist ideologies, former Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris regularly used the very same rhetoric as these movements.

Florida’s Hispanic voters know tyranny when they see it, and they recognize a leader who will preserve the liberties that millions of Cubans, Venezuelans, and expats from other unstable or oppressive regimes value more than we can ever imagine.

With the general election still hanging in the balance as of this writing, we need to pray fervently that we don’t see corruption within our voting system that mirrors the kind of third-world banana republics that so many great Americans have escaped.

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