Topless “Youth” Swim Event in British Columbia Cancelled Over the Weekend


As we have extensively documented, Drag Queen Story Times seem to have become epidemic across the United States and Canada, and many are concerned they are thinly-veiled excuses for child grooming. 

Recently, one town in British Columbia attempted to take their pedophilia acceptance efforts a step further.

A topless swim event called “Youth All-Bodies Swim” was scheduled to take place this past Sunday in Langley, British Columbia. According to the event details, it gave an open invitation to all “youth” ages 12-24 and “anything from the waist down” was required to be covered. How is this acceptable to anyone? Little 12-year-old children mingling, half-naked, with 18-24-year-old adults; what could possibly go wrong? How about…everything?

As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, parents and caregivers were prohibited from attending the event. 

Can you imagine dropping your 12-year-old off at a swim event where tops are optional and the age limit is 24 years old? This is completely inappropriate, to say the least. Once again, the LGBT community is pushing the envelope, seeing how far they can go.

Fortunately, no children had to be put at risk of sexual abuse thanks to concerned members of the community. The event was postponed, for now. The organizers issued this statement: 

Due to community response, we feel that we can no longer offer a safe and comfortable environment for the youth that wished to attend the Youth All-Bodies Swim; and therefore, we will be postponing the event. This event was organized and supported by the City of Langley, the Langley Local Action Team and Encompass Support Services Society as a safe, non-judgemental and inclusive activity for youth. We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the overwhelming, positive support for the Youth All-Bodies Swim. We are hopeful that we will be able to host this event in the near future.

This is exactly why we have to continue to push back against this kind of insanity. It isn’t going to be an easy fight, since there are apparently quite a few people who think its perfectly appropriate for 12- to 24-year-olds to swim topless together. 

But the fight is well worth it. Our children are depending on us to protect them from these prowling wolves looking to sexually exploit and abuse them.

Folks like those who organize these events are careful to call the mission to be“non-judgmental,” as if to imply that having a problem with young tweens and teens swimming half-naked with adults is just being “judgmental.” It most certainly does require us to make a judgment call and the correct one is that this is sexual abuse of children.

The original event information instructed people to call the Langley Youth Resource Centre for more information. Maybe we should call them and tell them they have no right to work with youth in any capacity if this is the kind of deviant garbage they support.

Keep making your voices heard—it DOES make a difference!


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