Toronto Considers Banning “Graphic” Anti-Abortion Signs

The pro-life vs. pro-choice debate continues to be a huge political talking point in our nation, but the topic typically only gets broached around election time.


There are passionate supporters on both sides of the issue, and politicians looking to curry favor – and votes – will look to strike the right chords to resonate with party faithful. Behind the scenes, the debate rages on all the time, but it doesn’t get as much play due to all of the other political hullabaloo.

Our nation is not the only one that faces a fierce debate on the issue. Our friends north of the border have staunch advocates on both sides as well, and a bit of a row has broken out lately.

The pro-life side has taken to using very descriptive advertising to get its point across, and the pro-choice crowd is none too pleased.

As Christian News shares, “many of the signs simply read “Choice?” and feature an image of a baby aborted in the first trimester—physical features being clearly visible.”

Pro-life organization Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform is reportedly the group responsible for the signs and flyers.

The group’s website points out that it was founded to “expose the hidden injustice of abortion and create a public discussion concerning the rights and personhood of the preborn,” Christian News reports.   

Critics are rushing to have the signs and flyers banned, and they’re leaning on elected officials to make it happen.

“Pregnant women have complained that they have been profoundly disturbed by the images,” a letter sent to Attorney General Yasir Naqvi by Toronto Councillors Sarah Doucette, Paula Fletcher and Mary Fragedakis, along with school board trustee Jennifer Story, reads in part, according to Christian News.

Christian News also shares that “public support for abortion decreases measurably when the public is shown images of abortion victims.” 

Turns out “choice” isn’t all that appealing when people begin to see it for what it is – baby murder – which is perhaps exactly why liberals in Toronto want to ban these signs.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), legislators pushing for the ban would like to see a proposal sent to city council in October.

Until then, they are hoping Ontario’s attorney general will ban them immediately.

Christian News