Toyota Super Bowl Ad Hailed As (Perhaps Inadvertently) Stirringly Pro-Life


One of the heartbreaking moral justifications for abortion is that if a baby is destined to be born to a life of handicap or crippling illness, his or her life won’t be worth living.

Those who know Him who created each one of us in the womb, however, recognize that every life has value and we are morally bound by natural law to preserve such life, no matter how small they are or how difficult their lives may be projected to be.

The worldview from which abortion is often defended is also one that views hardship as a burden, rather than a defining feature of a life of independence and self-reliance.

Life does not have value because it lives in affluence or faces no adversity, life has value because it is precious, created, and worth living in all circumstances when we embrace the hand we’ve been dealt and make the most of it.

This could have perhaps been the broader message Toyota was going for in their stirring Super Bowl advertisement celebrating adoption and triumph over physical limitations, but the slot is now being hailed by the pro-life community for its strong support, however unintended, of their deepest beliefs about the inherent value possessed by every single person.

The commercial begins with footage of a young girl in an Olympic-sized pool as the voice-over explains to a couple: “We found a baby girl for your adoption, but there are some things you need to know.”

The woman then explains that the Siberian-born baby has a rare condition that will require double amputation of her legs.

“I know this is difficult to hear, but her life, it won’t be easy,” she says of the little girl.

The footage then shows the young girl swimming in the pool before a large crowd in an apparent competitive match. When she reaches the finish line, she smiles at her adoptive mother.

“It might not be easy,” the mother tells the adoption agent, choking back tears. “But it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait to meet her.”

Such is the love any parent is capable of having for their child, biological or otherwise, and it is the love our society should have for every single unborn baby regardless of whether they are wanted or whether their life might be more difficult than those of its peers.

“Perhaps without knowing it, Toyota has made a deeply pro-life commercial, one that affirms the irreplaceable value of each one of us, born or unborn, sick or healthy, no matter our circumstances, our challenges, our suffering,” Alexandra Desanctis remarks over at National Review.

Every human life has value and is enormously precious, and in a world where we are dehumanizing millions of our own members in the name of convenience or a twisted sense of compassion, it is all the more important to promote the value of life within our culture.

It’s doubtful Toyota intended to cut a pro-life ad, but the production company behind it also consists of people made in God’s image who could recognize the value of this little girl’s life.

The same is true for many of those who defend abortion on the basis that it is compassionate to destroy a life that is not worth living.

When you engage with someone who defends abortion, remember that they were created to hunger and thirst for a righteousness that only our Lord can fill them with and have likely never considered the moral implications of their arguments.

It is for His glory that we push on with our message of life and boldly defend the truth of His righteousness.

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