Tradition Goes Out The Window For New Reality Show Promoting Single Motherhood


Reality television has opened up our eyes to all sorts of life situations, and you would think they would’ve run out of ideas by now. Think again.

A new series entitled ‘Labor of Love’ has entered the pipeline courtesy of Fox, and this one sounds like a real eye opener. Desiree Gruber is an executive producer for the upcoming show, and she offered up a preview of what’s in store.

“It’s a show about empowering a woman who can pursue a decision to have a child to help complete a lifelong dream,” she said.

Alright, so what’s the hook? It appears that women that appear on the show will be faced with two choices.

As Deadline shares, “the women would either opt to go for one last chance to connect and find a partner to enter into this commitment with, or pursue the idea of having kids alone, which would involve using a sperm donor.”  

So which one do you suppose will get all of the attention? We’ll lean towards door number two.

Gruber notes that things are changing, but “having a family is part of the dream,” but sometimes it’s about a “good job and a big house and not the other two,” according to Deadline.   

Different strokes for different folks as they say, but is there really anything all that wrong with tradition?

Apparently that wouldn’t make for must see reality TV. Either that, or it’s just further confirmation that times are changing, even though we like them just fine the way they are.   

Source: Deadline