Trangenderism Has Given Way to People Who Identify As…Mermaids?

Mehgan Heaney-Grier trying out a new style of swim fin in the waters of the Florida Keys.

You were warned that accepting the transgender philosophy was a very slippery slope and boy, was it ever.

Not only are people pumping young children full of life-altering hormones and demanding that grown men be allowed to use the same restroom as little girls, but now people are identifying as…mermaids?

And yes, it’s because that’s “who they are.”

The practice is known as “mermaiding” according to a CNN profile which involves individuals pretending to be mermaids by wearing elaborate tails for social events, photo sessions, conventions, and, of course, swimming.  Sometimes the tails can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Not everyone who dresses up as a mermaid believes they are actually a mermaid, but those individuals do exist.

“It’s my thing, it’s unique, it’s who I am,” said Udi Frige to CNN, who compared his mermaiding to a homosexual or gender-confused person coming out of the closet. “It requires lots of difficult explanation, especially if people don’t know me.”

Yuval Avrami told CNN, “‘transgender’ friends exposed him to the subculture, which fascinated him because it seemed to offer ‘the transition from one species to another, the ability to inhabit a new, magical identity.’”

“I do feel like my tail is a part of me, and I do actually feel like it is a prosthetic limb,” mermaid enthusiast Caitlin Nielsen told the Daily Mail in 2017. “I sometimes joke that I wear a prosthetic because I was born with a terrible birth defect — which is legs[.] … Being a mermaid, I don’t feel that I’m hiding anything; I really do feel like I’m being the true me.”

This should not be funny to anyone.  Joking around about wearing a prosthetic is simply bad taste.  How many individuals who are missing a limb and have no choice but to wear a real prosthetic would find that funny?

Isn’t this “abelism”?

This perfectly illustrates the underlying issue within our society and these kinds of fantasy worlds.  This is pure hedonism. There is no interest in anything that does not make them feel good.  Having compassion on others doesn’t make them feel good so they make jokes about living with a faux disability.  Living in reality doesn’t feel good so they pretend to be mythical creatures to escape.

We must continue to stand against this kind of disturbing behavior and point people to Christ where they can find mental peace and refuge.  Pray for those living under the delusions of the devil that they may see the truth and be set free.

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