Trans Activist Slammed for Plan to Send Hormone Drugs to Children: “A Crime on Several Different Levels”

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 on Unsplash

Two prominent conservative figures have accused a trans activist of illegally sending hormone drugs to children based on social media posts that appeared to float such an offer to minors residing in a state where it might be illegal for a doctor to do so.

Describing the suggested activity as “a crime on several different levels,” conservative blogger and podcaster Matt Walsh shed light on the activist, Eli Erlick, through a post on Twitter over the weekend.

“Wow @EliErlick is sending drugs to children across the country without prescriptions, parental consent, or any legal authority whatsoever. This is a crime on several different levels,” Walsh wrote.

He shared a screenshot that had originally been posted to Twitter by the prominent account Libs of TikTok, which has risen to prominence on social media largely for sharing photos and videos of adults defending sexuality education or transgender ideology for children.

“There are over 20 states trying to criminalize hormone therapy, particularly for trans youth,” Erlick wrote in what appears to have been an Instagram post.

“So, my friends and I had an idea: sending out our extra prescriptions around the country. If you need hormones, I’m working with a distribution network to get you access,” the post continued.

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Fox News notes that the original post has now been deleted, but not before it could attract the attention of these sharp-eyed critics.

Walsh also shared a link to a YouTube video posted in March 2021 in which Erlick claimed to have “ordered a double dose of hormes and testosterone blockers” for the purpose of giving to “best friends, my closest lovers and my worst enemies” for “several years.”

Libs of TikTok, meanwhile, notified the pertinent authorities that illegal drug conveyance may be taking place. As Fox noted, it is illegal under federal law to provide someone with or take prescription drugs that are prescribed to someone else.

“THREAD: I just busted an international illegal drug operation. Will @FBI  @DEAHQ do anything?” the Libs of TikTok account posted to Twitter.

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