Trans Athlete Claims He Has a “Disadvantage” Competing Against Biological Women


For all the squawking that feminists do about “gender inequality,” they have no idea how good American women have had it when it comes to social equality with men protected by law.

Thanks to the sheer insanity of the LGBT mafia, any shred of equality women had in America is well on its way to becoming a fond memory as “women’s rights” are overtaken by “trans rights,” i.e., giving men who think they’re women the rights once afforded to real women.

Now, any man who simply doesn’t “cut it” as a man in his preferred vocation can simply change his identity, throw on a dress, and invade what were once “women only” spaces in society, most notably women’s sports.

You’d think basic logic would compel society to ban such blatant cheating, but, then, that would be the sane thing to do, and sanity isn’t the social justice movement’s strong suit.

Because even the most basic physiology refutes the old argument that, for all intents and purposes, “trans women are women,” transgenderism apologists have had to adapt their talking points once more.

The latest argument in favor of allowing biological men to compete against “cisgender women” (read: real women) is that the barrage of feminizing drugs a man takes during his “transition” process weaken him so much that they actually put him at a disadvantage in competition against women.

“CeCe” Telfer, a biological male born as Craig, is best known for winning the NCAA women’s national championship, in which he won the 400-meter hurdles by more than a full second.

As recently as January 2018, however, Telfer was running for Franklin Pierce University’s Division II men’s track and field team. He began using the name CeCe before transitioning to women’s competition where he became the New Hampshire school’s first women’s track and field champion.

In a recent interview, Telfer just told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that “if anything, me competing against cisgender females is a disadvantage.”

Yes, he really said that. Insane.

“My body is going through so many medical implications,” Tefler said. “It’s going through biochemistry changes. So, being on hormone replacement therapy [results in] muscle depletion … your muscles are deteriorating. You lose a lot of strength because testosterone is where you get your strength, your agility. So I have to work twice as hard to keep that strength, and if I slack a day, that’s like three days set behind. So … I have to keep up all my workouts … I can’t drink … I can’t eat unhealthy, or else it’s gonna impact me harder.”

According to Turtleboy Sports, which analyzed Telfer’s stats as a male competitor, he was an above-average male hurdler. Hurdles in women’s competitions, however, are lower. Where Tefler would have likely placed dead-last in the corresponding men’s competition, Telfer dominated the women’s event and was awarded the title of Most Outstanding Track Performer in the women’s 55-meter hurdles and 55-meter sprint.

The numbers don’t lie. If Tefler competed as a man, he’d lose. Competing as a woman, however, even while under the influence of drugs to advance his “transition,” he blows every biological woman out of the water.

The NCAA allows this, for some insane reason, and has for years. Under NCAA bylaws, any biological male can compete in the women’s division as long as he has suppressed his testosterone levels for at least one year.

A guidance document published by the NCAA also states that “it is important not to overgeneralize” when it comes to the advantage “trans women” have over actual women, which they claim does not exist.

Watch this clip of Tefler running last spring and see if you agree with the NCAA.

Real women need to stand up against the invasion of men into women’s sports, as well as the very real threat that their “right” to do so may soon be protected by federal law.

We must stand against this wave of tyrannical insanity!

Trans Athlete Claims He Has a “Disadvantage” Competing Against Biological Women

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