Trans “Boy” Wins Wrestling Championship With Unfair Advantage of Testosterone Treatment


“Mack” Beggs, the girl-who-thinks-she’s-a-boy who has been allowed to take testosterone treatment and yet continue to compete in girl’s wrestling in the state of Texas has won a state championship.

Because, again, she has been on testosterone treatment. 

Something that would absolutely be illegal for the other girls in the wrestling league to do is totally OK for Beggs, because she thinks she’s a boy and the adults in her life have convinced her she’s completely entitled to take testosterone treatment to continue to deceive herself that she can in fact one day be a real boy, which she never will be.

It’s just insanity.

The Daily Wire reports:

The Euless Trinity High School senior took home the state championship last year, too. According to the New York Post, that season included two girls forfeiting in the regional tournament because they “feared injury.” This year, one female wrestler refused to wrestle Beggs and forfeited the match.

The 18-year-old had a perfect 32-0 record against the steroid-free girls she took on this season.

As with last year’s win, this year’s win caused a swirl of controversy. Beggs received a mixed reaction of cheers and boos when the referee raised her arm to signify her win in the 110-pound weight class championship match.

This is not the first time Beggs has been in the headlines, as the Daily Wire noted, and the reason she is competing in girls’ wrestling is that in the state of Texas, students must compete in the division of their biological gender. This sensible regulation apparently doesn’t prohibit girls like Beggs from taking testosterone treatment while competing, however.

Yeah, because that makes sense.

The reason this seems really confusing, complicated, and downright silly, is because it is. Rather than protect the other girls from both an unfair disadvantage and actual physical harm, they’re just letting this confused girl compete because everyone wants to bend over backward to accommodate transgender people.

If Beggs really wants to be treated like a boy, she shouldn’t be given any special treatment, and she should simply not be allowed to compete until she makes peace with the fact that she is a girl and if she is so convinced that testosterone treatment will improve her quality of life, she can just not wrestle other girls. It’s that simple.

But no, it’s 2018, and everything has to be completely confusing and the rest of society now has to be forced to give up anything they hold dear to participate in the gender delusion of a small fraction of the population.