Is the Trans Movement Pushing Feminists Towards the Right?


Today is International Women’s Day, so it’s a good time to consider what it truly means to be a woman and what “feminism” really ought to be.

In a century, feminism has gone from a group of moral, Christian women who opposed debauchery and abortion and wanted the voices of mothers and wives to be represented to rabidly leftist, proudly promiscuous women who oppose traditional values and support the “right” of a woman to murder her own baby in the womb and pretty much have no idea what they want other than to celebrate sin.

In the last decade, however, something in the feminist movement has begun to shift. It is quite ironic, considering they believe they’re fighting “the patriarchy,” but their movement has been invaded by men. Men trying to convince the world that they’re women, and most feminists are more than happy to consider them women as well and allow them to join their “fight”.

However, feminists are slowly waking up to realize just how much the transgender movement is undermining the cause of equality and justice for women. If there is any valid argument to be made for the importance of fighting for women’s rights (and there certainly is in any civil society, although third-wave feminism is totally butchering it) the idea that a man can simply become a woman at will completely negates any concern for women’s issues or women’s rights.

You see, simply put, for feminism to exist, gender has to be biologically determined. And some leftist feminists are starting to wake up to this reality.

In a fascinating article in The American Conservative, the author shares a letter he received from a run-of-the-mill leftist feminist who found herself under the thumb of what she calls “peak trans” and began to question the movement that she had been strongly identifying with for most of her life.

Her revelation is stunning, although not surprising for those of us who have been watching this all unfold in recent years. Here is a sampling of her letter (which you can read in full where it was originally published):

I was as far left as you can get without being a full-on Marxist. I thought prostitution was empowering, polyamory was fine, witchcraft was a positive spirituality, and that men who identify as transgender were my sisters. I voted Greens and Democrats all the way.

Transgender activism is usually what tips us over to the right. I faced persistent, public, sexually graphic harassment for not being a good enough trans ally, and that didn’t tip me over the edge. Which is really crazy, but that after long public discussions about the imagined deformities of my genitalia, and ridiculous libel aimed at ruining my career by the transgender community, I still supported them.

The tipping point is referred to as hitting “peak trans.” Usually this involves an illogical or dangerous statement you simply can’t force yourself to accept. For me, it was that we could no longer say “women’s health.” Because “men have uteruses.”

Now changing the terminology, which is very useful, does not mean you wouldn’t have to disclose to your doctor that you are on hormones, puberty blockers, or had reassignment surgery. Just like you have to disclose asthma, allergies, or heart conditions. It provides no useful function beyond enabling the delusion of less than 1% of the population that believe, despite all scientic evidence, that they can change their biological sex.

I started to see the tail wagging the dog, often violently. I began to research the issue quietly. I learned about the dangers of children transitioning and the very real difficulties they face as adults. The numbers of inmates, especially those convicted of violent sexual crimes, transitioning and being allowed to move to women’s prisons is alarming. Friends who had also hit peak trans were speaking up and receiving death threats against their families. Not just threats against themselves, but threats aimed specifically at their children.

Just like you, Rod, we get messages from friends who are realizing the left does not have their best interests in mind, but don’t want to be ostracized and harassed by making any public comments. There is a sort of social media Underground Railroad supporting women moving from left to right, giving them both the information and privacy they need to process such a significant change.

I’m not merely an “anecdote.” I’m real. And you can publish this as long as you leave my name off of it. I need my job and I don’t deserve to be eaten alive by liberals who only value women who are conforming to their ideology.

My friends and I went from sharing articles by Olbermann and Maddow to following Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. Our female role models became academics like Dr. Deborah Savage who actually acknowledge biological reality in their examination of gender.

Some of us are loud and proud in our views, risking threats. Others are quiet, fearful of losing our jobs if we make a comment online, which we never feared as liberals. I’m one of the quiet ones. As much harassment as I received from the transgender community as an ally, I simply don’t have the strength to deal with it as a critic and risk being doxxed.

She asked to remain anonymous because she needs to keep her job. While it is extraordinary that she and her cohorts face so much discrimination from the insane transgender left, there is also so much hope in this letter.

The transgender movement might be overplaying its hand. As they cannibalize their own, demanding more and more accommodations and more and more denial of the reality of their bodies and their genetics, they are alienating even the people who desperately want to support them.

This can only go on for so long. We just truly need to hope and pray that enough people like this woman wake up to the deception of the transgender movement before it manages to transform society completely!

Please share this story far and wide so people can see the extent to which the transgender movement is damaging society.