Surprise! Transgender Rapist Caught Making Advances On Female Prisoners

Many moons ago, a birth certificate served as the final word on the gender of a person. In fact, the question hardly ever came up.


Sex change operations opened Pandora’s Box in that regard, and it’s slowly been changing ever since. Fast forward to today, and there’s plenty of schools of thought that suggest gender is a fluid thing subject to the whims of the person in question.

That opens up some incredibly uncomfortable situations, and it all stems from concerns that the gender-confused person in question will somehow be offended.

Here’s another example of how backwards that line of thinking is.

As The Sun shares, “a transgender double rapist who was moved to a women’s jail has been put in segregation after making unwanted sexual advances to inmates.”

Let’s digest that for a moment. A transgender – that had just begun reassignment surgery, mind you – was placed in a female prison while still equipped with fully functioning male private parts. The transgender had already been convicted of raping women in the past, but that apparently didn’t cross the minds of those that green lighted this unfathomable decision.

“It beggars belief why a convicted double rapist like Jessica is allowed to mix with females despite still having her penis intact,” a source said, according to The Sun.

“Prison bosses were worried she would try it on with inmates and their fears have come true.”

While it’s fantastic that the rapist has been segregated from other inmates for the time being, it still boggles the mind how this could even come to pass. Even the rapist’s ex-wife notes how insane this decision was.

“He is a proven predator and his mentality will never change, no matter which gender he is,” she said, The Sun notes. “He should never have been put in a women’s prison, he belongs in a male prison.”

The Sun