Trans Substitute Teacher Confuses, Indoctrinates Second Graders


“If they want to identify as a marshmallow, we should say OK, let’s talk about it,” says Meghan Buell, a transgender activist and substitute teacher who likes to confuse and indoctrinate “her” young students who “she” is assigned to teach.

Meghan’s appearance is no doubt the first thing little ones, sometimes as young as 7, notice when “she” enters the classroom. And given “she” is clearly a he, the children are normally confused.

“Substitute teacher Meghan Buell gets a kick out of her second-grade students who ask if she’s a boy or a girl,” a local newspaper writes. “She tells them she’s a girl, of course.”

Silly, children! Obviously, this large, burly person with a deep voice and almost all the obvious characteristics of a biological male is a girl, can’t you see the long hair, clothing, and female name?

Ah, the innocence of youth.

Buell is a transgender, biological male, who works as a substitute teacher and trans advocate in South Bend Indiana. Now, concerned parents are speaking out against his confusing lessons.

Of course to Buell, whose prerogative is to normalize gender confusion, he uses his position of power over these malleable minds to make sure they see cross-dressing as no big deal.

When the little ones ask why “Ms.” Buell’s voice is so deep, they receive the ironically confusing answer “I don’t know. I was born this way.”

Well, this is true. He was born with the genes to deepen his voice as he hit puberty, “gender identity” notwithstanding.

Buell claims that he enjoys the conversations with children, saying “I wish my conversations with adults were always so innocent and honest — and free from judgment.”

The sad thing is, children are free of judgment because they are innocent. They look to authority figures like their parents and teachers to show them what is right and wrong, and they shamelessly ask Buell if he is a boy or a girl because they are genuinely confused.

Of course, their innocence makes them a prime target for gender identity programming. Get them while they’re young, right?

This is the result of oppressive Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) laws that inhibit free speech and allow this kind of confusion to happen in our schools. Indiana parents are being robbed of their right to decide what is taught, and shown, to their children in the classroom.

If you are a concerned Indiana parent or parent in general, stand up to your school district and let them know that you will not tolerate your children being exposed to something that you disapprove of. Contact local and state officials and let your voices be heard!

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