Trans Teen Kills Himself After His School Refused To Let Him Change His Name On File

A transgender teenager in Britain reportedly killed himself after his school followed protocol and refused to let him change his name on file until he reached the age of 16.


According to The Telegraph, 15-year-old Leo Etherington came out as gay in 2013 when he was still a she going by the name Louise and attending an all-girls school.

Three years later, he came out as trans and colloquially changed his name to Alex, then Leo after deciding the former was too gender ambiguous.

Leo’s friends were reportedly supportive and went along with the name change – but his school didn’t.

“The school had told him he had to be 16 to change his name,” The Telegraph quotes Leo’s father Martin Etherington, who was raising the boy alone after his wife died of cancer, as stating during an inquest hearing into his son’s death.

“He said that he was angry with the school. I said we could wait until he was 16 and legally change his name then.”

Tragically, Leo subsequently committed suicide in his bedroom while his family believed he was studying.

A number of pro-LGBTQ outlets have since lashed out at Leo’s school, Wycombe High.

NewNowNext, for example, has claimed that the school refused “to accept Leo’s identity” and attacked the institution’s head Sharon Cromie for not calling Leo by his preferred name when she described him as “a wonderful person in every way” who “is missed by us all.”

Advocate Magazine took a similar shot, declaring, “the suicide of 15-year-old Leo Etherington is a tragic reminder of what’s at stake when a school refuses to acknowledge that transgender students exist.”

PinkNews, meanwhile, has declared, “there is no legitimate reason why a school would refuse to respect the identity of a student.”

There’s no denying that Leo’s suicide is incredibly tragic.

But why are LGBTQ advocates behaving as if the school’s actions in this case warranted suicide?

Our society today treats transgenderism as everything but a disorder, which one could argue considerably hinders the ability of anyone to recommend the sort of mental health treatment that could prevent tragic situations like Leo’s.

But no, instead outlets like PinkNews laugh at those who suggest that transgenderism is a mental disorder deserving of care and attention, instead insisting that transgender people are perfectly fine.

Considering the high rates of suicide among transgender youth, this is obviously not working out.

But the pro-trans community shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, they now want to introduce their propaganda to an even younger audience.

Please continue to pray for our youth and kids like Leo Etherington, that they might be able to find the help and grace they truly need in a world that seeks only to appease them.

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