Trans Teen Who Began “Transitioning” At Age 4 To Have Full Surgery Covered By Medicaid


As the hyper-affirmative medical approach to transgenderism becomes the norm, we are, tragically, seeing the practice of “gender reassignment” therapies and surgeries become a part of the “healthcare” leftists believe everyone has a right to.

It’s a tragedy for anyone to so utterly destroy and mutilate their body this way, but it’s especially wicked that we, as a society, allow this to be done to children—children like Xavier “Trinity” Neal.

Neal, of Wilmington, Delaware, is sixteen years old, but his mother, DeShanna, claims he never “felt at home” in his body as a biological male.

His first full sentence was, “I am a girl,” according to a glowing write-up in USA Today back in 2017, marking the occasion when Neal became the first child in Delaware to have puberty blockers covered by the state’s Medicaid program.

From a very young age, DeShanna reports, Neal began wearing his mother’s clothes and “adamantly” declaring that he was a girl. Once, she says, he even attempted to castrate himself with child scissors.

“It wasn’t right for me in that body. It felt awful, I wasn’t even happy,” Neal said, according to Metro. “I was always sad and angry.”

At just four years old, Neal began to “socially transition,” having the full acceptance of his family. As puberty approached, however, DeShanna says he developed severe clinical depression and anxiety-induced Pica that caused him to chew on his wooden bed frame, his sheets, and even his jeans. Neal also has autism, and his sleep was often poor, USA Today notes, “plagued by nightmares about [his] voice plunging to Barry White depths.”

Although Xavier was initially denied coverage for puberty blockers by Medicaid, DeShanna fought for almost a year to “get the treatment her daughter needed,” USA Today says.

Soon, Xavier will receive “gender confirmation surgery” thanks to Medicaid, making him one of the youngest people in Delaware to do so.

Although DeShanna says she had trouble coming to terms with this outcome, the boy’s gender therapist pressed her, saying, “You have to make a decision here. Do you want a happy little girl or a dead little boy?”

This particular brand of “therapy” is so incredibly predatory. How is the average mother going to respond when they’re emotionally blackmailed and told to “transition” their child or start planning for their funeral?

The oft-repeated statistic that 41% of all transgender people will attempt suicide is a conversation-ending tool that conveniently ignores the truth. According to Spiked Magazine, analysis by the Williams Institute of the US National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which came up with the 41 percent statistic, suggests that it is those who transition or consider transitioning who are more likely to attempt suicide, rather than those who don’t. The study also notes that the 41% figure could be inflated due to a lack of follow-up questions in the survey and the real rate of suicide attempts could be as low as 20% or less.

According to the Gender Health Query, a research panel comprised of LGBT individuals critical of society’s unquestioning embrace of gender ideology, children like Neal may have their ability to consent to such procedures severely impacted by hormone therapies.

“…Most people recognize adults have a moral obligation to protect their own children and youth in general from decisions they make as children and teens who do not have full cognitive capacity to weigh costs and benefits,” GHQ states. “Children are prone to magical thinking and teenagers are prone to impulsive risk taking. Both children and teenagers do not truly understand long-term consequences. There is ample research demonstrating that young peoples’ cognitive function does not fully mature until age 25-years-old.”

“Given that Lupron may have some permanent cognitive, health, and sexual function consequences,” GHQ continues, “and that Lupron to cross-sex hormones causes sterility, and that it is confirmed mastectomy and even bottom surgery is being performed on minors, it seems important to explore if children and teens can truly give what is called ‘informed consent.'”

None of this is being even momentarily considered, however, thanks to our culture’s emotionally and politically-charged landscape. Accepting children who identify as virtually anything is touted as the loving thing to do, while insisting that we operate based on empirical facts and reality is written off as “hate.”

In our crumbling society, it is children like Neal who pay the price.

“I want to be myself, I don’t want to be someone I don’t want to be,” Neal told Metro. “Because if I get this [surgery] done I can show those people who hate, I will show them that no matter how much you hate us, we will still beat you.”

“I want to actually be a girl, completely, even though I am a girl,” he said. “I want to have this removed. I am tired of it.”

This is heartbreaking. To think it is hatred that causes immense concern for a child who is clearly fraught with psychological and emotional issues and needs real, tangible help, not to be a victim of a twisted social experiment with no basis in science or reality.

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