Transgender Activist and “Death Metal” Band Member Campaigning For Virginia State Legislature


Rather than focus their efforts on job creation, security, getting the country out of debt, or reaching the voters they lost to Trump in 2016, the Democrats seem determined to double-down on their crazy intersectional politics and shove mentally ill people into positions of public office.

Daniel “Danica” Roem has the attention of the nation as he campaigns against Republican incumbent for the 13th district of Virgina. He is the Democratic nominee challenging the seat of conservative, pro-life and pro-family 25-year Virginia House of Delegates veteran Bob Marshall.

Media outlets are calling this race the “race of the year” as Marshall faces what might be his greatest political battle yet.

Roem’s appeal? He will be the first “out” transgender person to be elected to the House should he successfully oust Marshall and win the seat.

By the way, Roem genuinely believes he is a “she”, and has made quite a big fuss that Marshall does not agree with him.

“You can change appearances, but your DNA fixes your bodily structures for your entire life,” Marshall said of Roem recently, citing research from the National Library of Medicine (and also elementary-level human biology and basic common sense.) When asked why he would not refer to Roem as a female, Marshall sensibly retorted, “Why do you call Danica a female? Did Danica’s DNA change?”

Roem has responded by childishly labeling Marshall “Bigot Bob” in his campaign material.


Bob Marshally is a staunch conservative who has long defended traditional values, morality, and the right to life. As Life Site News says,

“Marshall is one of the strongest pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and pro-natural family advocates in politics today. He has repeatedly led the fight in the Virginia state legislature for gender-separate bathrooms, ultrasounds before abortions, and other pro-life laws. He stands against the military recruitment of transgenders and calls the nation’s epidemic of internet pornography a public health hazard.”

He is a very important person to keep in Congress.

Roem, on the other hand, is a journalist and noted transgender activist, who also happens to be a member of a “death metal” band, which, if you’re not familiar with the genre, is pretty much the musical interpretation of what it would sound like if mating cats formed their own Satanic temple.

His favorite groups include Cannibal Corpse, Dark Tranquility, and Life of Agony, and his band, Cab Ride Home, is best known for the tune “Drunk on Arrival,” which Life Site News describes as a wild anthem about getting plastered.

So classy.

“The metal community … is as much a part of my personality as everything else,” Roem says. “It’s a lifestyle. It’s the aesthetic that you have. It’s the personality that you put on display. It’s the way that you talk to your friends. … The lyrics inspire part of your life. The music tells your story.”

Despite his terrible taste in music and flimsy platform of pretending to be a woman and standing up to “hate” or something, Roem’s campaign has actually been troublingly successful. He has the support of the national LGBT community and has out-raised the Marshall campaign 5-to-1.

“This is an opportunity for us in the LGBTQ community to push back,” says Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund president Aisha Moodie-Mills. “LGBTQ leaders … are leading the resistance.”

Marshall, also warns that this is a very significant threat to his campaign, saying “If they beat me, this will put (conservatives) in the closet for years.”

We need to defend Bob Marshall and support him as fircely as the Democrats are supporting their token freak candidate!!

Please visit his website to donate, get updates on his campaign, and to find more information on how you can get involved. If you live in the 13th district or know people who do, spread the word to get out there and VOTE! 

We are on the front lines of the culture war, whether you like it or not, and as soldiers of Christ, you have a job to do!