Transgender Activist Teaches Teens About “Inclusive Period Products”


We’ve frequently reported on the subversive, hyper-sexualized works of Teen Vogue, such as their instruction on anal sex, including sex toys on back-to-school lists, and, most recently, offering their teen readers advice on procuring an abortion without their parents’ knowledge

Now, in an article titled, “What Trans & Non-Binary Menstruators Should Know About Periods,” Seventeen Magazine enlists the help of a transgender menstruation activist to help its readers find “inclusive products” for menstruation.

If only this were satire.

The article, written by self-described “Period Prince” and “non-binary & trans period activist” Cass Bliss (a biological female), reads, in part:

When I was 15 and looked down at the brown blood spot on my underwear for the very first time, I felt like part of me had died. Before I started menses, I was happily living as an androgynous tomboy who didn’t care about what the world thought of my gender. But after having been told constantly that periods are about womanhood – by friends, the media, and advertisements – I was crushed when I started bleeding. I felt like I had no choice but to live my life pretending to be someone I was not.

Almost one decade later, I finally gathered the strength to come out to the world as trans, and because of the violence and transphobia that I have experienced since coming out, I have committed my life to creating more spaces for folks like me to be celebrated for who we are. So, when I hear the media talk about periods and reference only girls and women, or when I find out that International Menstrual Hygiene Day was awash in a flood of feminine rhetoric, I am consistently reminded that the world does not believe that I exist.

So, to all of the trans, nonbinary, intersex, and agender menstruators out there: I’m here to remind you that you DO exist, you ARE important, and together we can get through our menstrual cycles, one tampon at a time.

Bliss also offers her fellow “non-binary menstruators” a few tips, stating that “Your period does not define who you are,” “Testosterone does not always stop your cycle,” and that longer-lasting products like menstrual cups help to prevent having to “change out your products in a men’s bathroom stall.”

While it would be easy to write this piece off as yet another hilariously insane example of transanity, Bliss’ article offers some valuable insight into the transgender mindset that we would be remiss to ignore if we truly want to reach these people with the gospel and build up our children to withstand gender confusion.

According to NPR, Bliss was raised in a conservative home, which should serve as a stern reminder that simply being conservative is not enough to guard our children. We must be forthright with our children about God’s design for gender and sexuality. We must train them up in His ways. 

In directing readers to “gender-inclusive period products,” Bliss states, “If you’ve ever walked through the aisles of a CVS or Target and felt bathed in a relentless wave of pinks and purples, you know how difficult it is to find period products that don’t scream, ‘YOU’RE A GIRL.’” 

In other words, a transgender person must resist even the most ubiquitous symbols of gender at every turn in order to continue in their alternate gender reality. This is exactly why the more vocal LGBT advocates call for such symbols, language, and other tenets of rational society to be eradicated—to turn society into one giant “safe space” for their gender confusion.

Further on in the article, Bliss explains the perils that befall an individual with gender dysphoria when they menstruate:

Not only do we have to deal with cramps and mood swings during our periods, but we also have to deal with the crushing weight of anxiety that our bodies are wrong. Whenever I get my cycle, my boobs swell out and I can’t wear my favorite binder – so I have to feel the weight of my chest for 4-5 days while I try to remind myself that I’m not a freak, there’s nothing wrong with me, and that the anxiety will pass soon. The dysphoria we feel during our cycle is very much real and can be incredibly difficult to go through on top of all of the other side effects of periods…

Saints, we must weep over the heavy deception at work here. What this young woman describes gives us a heart-wrenching look into  what is behind the sky-high rates of suicide among LGBT people. Rather than receive real help that helps them make peace with how they were designed people like Bliss instead choose the cycle of dysphoria and self-loathing. She inadvertently demonstrates that “transitioning” cannot bring any transgender person true, lasting happiness. 

The only hope these people, and any people, have for that is found in the Gospel alone. 

Arm yourselves with God’s truth and with a better understanding of the mission field before us, saints, and get to work!

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