These Transgender Parents Say They’re Raising A “Genderless” Child


Featured Image via Metro

Two transgender parents and one gender neutral child are being hailed as “Britain’s first gender-fluid family.”

According to Metro, Nikki and Louise Draven decided to swap genders after introducing their son (although they don’t call him that) Star Cloud (now 4-years-old) into the world.

“Star calls Louise, 31, his mummy, but she is in fact his biological father and is transitioning to become a woman with hormone treatment,” Metro states.

Nikki, meanwhile, is reportedly Star’s biological mother. She now deems herself pansexual, meaning “anything goes” in her book and she’ll bounce between genders as she pleases from day to day.

Together, according to Metro, Louise and Nikki are raising Star “to be free to wear make-up, paint his nails, wear girls or boys clothes and play with dolls if he wants to.”

“We never tell Star he’s a boy, we tell him he can be whatever he wants,” the outlet quotes Nikki as stating.

“We don’t buy gender specific toys or clothes and we let him choose what he wears. Pink is one of his favorite colors.”

Star with his parents Nikki (right) and Louise (left) – Image via The Daily Mail

The indoctrination appears to have worked because, according to Nikki, the couple once sat Star down and explained to him that playing with dolls is good practice for when he becomes a father.

“I might not be a daddy – I might be a mammy,” his reply reportedly came.

In addition to teaching their son that daddies can become mommies, Louise and Nikki reportedly also let him choose what sex he wants to be.

“We don’t tell him who to be,” Louise is quoted as stating by The Daily Mail. “We let him lead us.”

Ok, hold on a second. “We let him lead us?!?”

The child is four years old. He can’t even lead himself down the street and his parents are letting him make decisions about his gender? What happens when he comes to them and says he wants to transition into becoming a girl? Will they “let him lead” then too?!

Star playing with a unicorn. (Image via Metro)

Another question – how has all this not prompted outrage from progressives?

Liberals constantly accuse us Christians of indoctrinating our children and forcing them to share our beliefs. How is this any different?

How is it okay to teach a child that their biology does not define their biology while teaching them to love their fellow humans and honor God is bad?

The mind of a progressive is a scary place.

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