Transgender Group ‘Mermaids’ Played Role in Mom Forcing Boy to Live As a Girl


We recently reported on the sad case of a British mother who forced her little boy to live as a girl for several years, convinced he was transgender.

Not surprisingly, when a judge ordered the little boy to live with his father instead, he quickly reverted back to masculine tendencies.

The judge involved in the case had said that the mother caused “significant emotional harm” to her son and “pressed [him] into a gender identification that had far more to do with his mother’s needs and little, if anything, to do with his own”.

It has now come to light that a transgender group based in the UK, ‘Mermaids’, was counseling the mother and encouraging her insistence that the little boy live as a girl.

The judge who removed the child from his mother’s care harshly criticized social services for not intervening in the mother’s treatment of the little boy. Social services said they had not been concerned by the mother’s choice because she had “appropriately taken on board support from Mermaids.”

The judge, however, was not buying it, and said that social services ignored qualified medical advice regarding the boy’s well-being because they “did not wish to appear to be challenging an emerging orthodoxy in such a high-profile issue”.

It has now come to light, according to The Sunday Times, that the judge went on to order that Mermaids were “ordered to have nothing to do with this child following their removal”.

The Mermaids seem to be a highly nefarious organization and have actually been caught recently advertising hormone treatment that would violate NHS regulations.

They recently featured on their website a message from Hamburg-based doctor Dr. Birgit Möller offering fast-track hormone treatment for children.

“If the families are interested we would set up a long evaluation appointment at our clinic (3-4 hours) and afterwards an appointment with the endocrinologist,” the message said. “In case of an indication for hormone treatment he would prescribe it the same day.”

NHS guidelines prohibit this kind of hormone treatment for anyone under the age of 16. They removed the advertisement shortly after it attracted scrutiny.

It is sad to think that not only was this woman forcing her poor child to live as a girl but that an entire organization of adults was behind her encouraging her. It seems that so often, the transgender community doesn’t care so much about supporting transgender people as it does about creating more gender confusion!

Thank God this judge removed this little child from his abusive mother’s care and can live as a little boy! Take this as a reminder to consider to resist the transgender lobby and do everything we can to prevent more children from being abused!