Transgender Has Child Pornography Conviction Overturned Because He Was “Struggling” With His “Identity”


The concept of “transgender rights” picking up speed in Western culture couldn’t be more inappropriately labeled. 

Where men have the “right” to slap on a dress, mutilate themselves, and demand entrance into every aspect of society formerly set apart for women, we are seeing the rights of the rest of society, especially real, biological women, being ignored and erased.

In Australia, one transgender “woman” (i.e. biological man ) has just earned his freedom from virtually any punishment for one of the most disgusting crimes imaginable: possessing images of child sex abuse. He has earned this unthinkable protection from prosecution because  he was supposedly “struggling with issues concerning [his] transgender identity.”

The Pluralist reports:

According to the Queensland Supreme Court’s Sept. 2 decision, Vetea Joseph Bunton, 22, was caught in January 2016 with images on her phone of children engaged in sex acts with each other and with adults. She was 18 years old at the time.

“There were a total of 15 images depicting young boys between the age of five years and 16 years posing naked, performing oral sex or engaging in anal intercourse, either with other young people or adults,” the court said.

Last December, Bunton pleaded guilty in the District Court of Burbane to possession of child exploitation material.

During sentencing, Justice Brian Devereaux pointed out that Bunton had told a psychologist that she only got involved with child porn “out of curiosity and at a time when she was struggling with issues concerning her transgender identity and sexual identity.” She claimed to have stopped viewing the material at age 17.

The forensic psychologist, Dr. Gavan Palk, seemed convinced in his report to the court.

“She does not present as a person who is a risk to children. Her sexual offences appear situational and in the context of low self-esteem and lack of confidence due to teenage sexual adjustment issues,” he said. ‘There was no evidence of entrenched paedophilic tendencies.”

Justice Devereaux also noted Bunton’s youth, her lack of a criminal record and the “small number of images” on her phone. But he found that none of these explanations “really excuses obtaining child exploitation material with children as young as five.”

Devereaux sentenced Bunton to two years’ probation and mandatory medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment. She was required to register as a sex offender.

While we at Activist Mommy consider even the punishment Bunton was originally set to receive to be insanely lenient, the Queensland appeals court apparently felt it wasn’t lenient enough and unanimously deemed the sentence “inappropriate” and “disproportionate to the real risk [he] presents by [his] offending.”

In other words, this man, who is mentally unstable enough to believe he is a woman and who sought out images of child sex abuse “out of curiosity” is somehow not a threat to society. Yeah, right!

In his writing of the three-judge panel’s decision, Justice Philip Morrison conceded that “possession of child exploitation material is not a victimless crime.” But, he argued, “In my respectful view, the applicant’s circumstances are unusual.”

The Pluralist continues:

Morrison argued that Bunton had not been shown to be “sexually attracted to children,” to have abused children or to be a risk to children. He assessed her to be at “low risk of reoffending.”

On the other hand, the judge expressed concern that as a registered sex offender, Bunton would be subjected to “onerous” requirements to report her whereabouts to police for five years. In particular, he worried about her ability to travel abroad and change her name after she “undergoes transgender treatment.”

This is simply outrageous! If not for the fact that this man prefers to wear makeup and dresses, this joke of a court wouldn’t have the slightest problem punishing him to the fullest extent of the law. 

But, because transgenderism is the bleeding heart cause du jour, the judges saw fit to have mercy on this man who, by mere virtue of having possessed images of children being exploited and abused in the most sickening possible way, he is clearly a risk to children, to say the very least.

This story may remind our readers of Karl “Evie” Amati, another Australian transgender “woman” who was given an absurdly lenient sentence and housed in a women’s prison after using his gender confusion as a defense for attacking shoppers at a convenience store with a logging ax back in 2017. 

In August, Amati didn’t shock us one bit when he brutally attacked a female inmate and, like clockwork, blamed it on “de-transitioning” from his hormone drugs. Apparently Australian’s judges learned nothing from that farce.

These weak-spined arbiters of justice are worried that Bunton won’t be able to travel the world or change his name, but what about the countless children counting on them to uphold laws that protect them from unthinkably cruel, base child predators? Apparently that doesn’t matter.

Transgenderism is absurd on its face on every possible level, so the measures and laws to defend it as a legitimate identity are naturally absurd as well. There is no logical way to allow a gender-confused man or woman equal protection with actual members of their desired sex under the law. But, as cases like this prove, it’s not equality under the law they’re after. These people want to be above the law.

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