Transgender Homecoming “Kings”? Yes, It’s Happening.


As the national conversation rages on about transgender rights, giving hormone treatments to children, pronouns, and all the other junk that is being thrown in our face, transgenderism is still quietly being normalized in everyday situations across the country.

Such is the case with high school senior Stiles Zuschlag, who recently transferred out of her Christian high school because they asked her to confess her sins, cease her hormone “treatment”, and seek counseling, or leave the school. She chose the latter.

Of course, the way she tells it, she was “kicked out” after “transitioning to a boy.”

She enrolled in Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine for her senior year and the students and faculty alike welcomed her with open arms, and, less than a month into their schooling, crowned her Homecoming King.

“We want all students to feel like they belong here at Noble High School,” the school’s director of counseling, Nancy Simard, said, according to HuffPo. “That’s a small thing we can do to help them feel like they’re a part of the community.”

After being at the school for only a few months, Zuschlag found she quickly made friends and that everyone seemed perfectly comfortable with the fact that she was trying to live her life as a male.

And why wouldn’t they? These are American public school children. They have been beaten over the head with the transgender issue for years now and are being raised by a TV and internet culture that condones and pushes the idea of defying gender norms.

In Zuschlag’s eyes, this is, of course, a dream come true, and she believes it is what God wants.

“I’ve been degraded so much in the past, I’ve conformed to other people’s beliefs and standards just to make them happy and comfortable. I’ve put myself in situations really hurtful to my mental health just to keep peace,” she told HuffPost.

“God forced me out of that situation, that school, knowing that my mental health was far more important than my education. The only reason I stayed at the school for so long was for my education, for my GPA, and to just learn about God. But I was also dying there mentally and I suffered a lot,” she said. “God took me away from that to help me be a better person, to breathe again, to be happy again. I’m so grateful He did that for me.”

The sad reality of this situation is that Zuschlag has many more months left of high school, and the honeymoon phase might not last. But even if it does, do students and school administrators really care about her, or is she simply their politically correct token of transgender acceptance?

In the media coverage of Zuschlag’s removal from the Christian school and subsequent crowning as Homecoming King, obviously, the Christian school is made out to be the bad guy, but are they?

From a Kingdom perspective, her Christian school was asking her to do the one thing that would truly help her: confess her sins, stop subjecting her body to potentially harmful hormones that would never truly give her what she wanted anyway, and seek help. This is what those suffering from gender dysphoria need: help. Not the false hope that they truly might become the other gender.

Pray for this young woman and pray for the students and teachers in her school, that one day they might wake up and realize the harm they are doing.