Transgender “Man” Gives Birth To Transgender “Woman’s” Child, Liberals Thrilled


The sexual immorality, confusion, and pure insanity that progressivism has brought to the twenty-first century continues to spiral out of control, branching out from the whole notion of “free love” outside of marriage to the widespread acceptance of homosexuality and now transgenderism.

People seem to be working as hard as possible to suppress the knowledge of God, both in the Scriptures and in nature, doing whatever kooky thing they dream up in their own mind, caring little that they stand under the wrath of God for their immoral choices, having rejected His good grace in Jesus by their lifestyle.

Take the case of a transgender couple in Ecuador, Diane Rodriguez and Fernando Machado, for example.

Machado, who believes she is a man, gave birth to a baby in June of 2016.

Welcome to the “modern family.”

The BBC writes:

“We don’t have a name yet – or rather we do – we are just waiting to announce it,” Diane tells me, not looking up from tapping at her mobile phone with her perfectly manicured false nails. The choice will be controversial and she and her partner want to wait until everything has calmed down.

It’s Pride Week in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. I’m driving Diane Rodriguez, her partner Fernando and their six-week-old baby – known affectionately for now only as Caraote – which means “the snail”. Tomorrow is the big march and they are whizzing around town finalising paperwork for their float.

Diane and Fernando are South America’s most high-profile transgender couple. For many, they are a symbol of growing tolerance in the region.

The couple met on Facebook after Diane – born as Luis – spent hours scrolling through profiles, looking for the same thing many women desire in a partner: someone to support her career (as an activist), but also to have a family with. She met Fernando, who is also transgender.

In their case, neither Fernando nor Diane has had gender reassignment surgery. That meant they could conceive a baby like any other couple – without any medical intervention.

What’s truly disturbing about this is that so many liberals are happy and celebrating not only the relationship between these two, but their obvious mental illness.This is gender dysphoria and it’s not something to celebrate, but something that needs to be treated.

Transgender individuals are at a much higher risk than the rest of the population for other mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and committing suicide. Many of the folks who suffer from this disorder and have reassignment surgery end up regretting it and wishing they hadn’t done it.

No matter how many hormone shots or pills you take, no matter how many surgeries you have to alter your physical appearance, a person’s DNA will remain the same. Therefore, if you were born with male DNA, you will always and forever be a man. Same thing obviously applies to women.

It’s time for our culture to wake up and smell the coffee. By not assisting transgender folk in finding help and treatment for their dysphoria, the left is placing these individuals in harm’s way.

That’s not at all loving or tolerant.