Transgender Pro Wrestler Wins AEW Women’s World Title, Draws Backlash From Male Wrestlers


A transgender pro wrestler made history as the first biological man to win a major women’s professional wrestling championship in America.

The dubious victory occurred last week when 185-pound “Nyla Rose” defeated 93-pound biological female Riho in the All Elite Wrestling Women’s World championship on AEW Dynamite.

Yes, you just watched a man standing in victory after beating up a woman half his size while a crowd cheered him on.

Thankfully for Riho, who defeated “Rose” back in 2019’s championship match, much of pro-wrestling is just well-choreographed acting, unlike mixed martial arts events in which transgender athletes have broken their biological female opponents’ skulls.

Nonetheless, it is an absolute mockery of sports and an insult to viewers to pass off “Nyla Rose” as a woman.

“Rose” later bragged about his victory in a tweet, alluding to his gender confusion and calling himself “the Princess King.”

How ironic that veteran wrestling commentator Jim Ross was nearly canceled by the woke mob after declaring “Rose” “king of the mountain when the referee announced his victory:

Ross, however, was quick to apologize for “misgendering” the wrestler:

Several other wrestlers kissed “Rose’s” ring and expressed their adoration of the wrestler, but Val Venis, a former wrestler with WWE, was not among the congratulatory crowd.

Mincing no words in a pair of tweets that miraculously have yet to be deleted by Twitter, Venis called “Rose’s” victory an advance for the “stupid and insane” narrative of social justice warriors and called his victory against Riho “cheating:”

Finally, someone speaking some sense in this mess!!

According to Wrestling Inc, Venis’ comments have cost him any chance at ever being booked with AEW.

“It’s just disappointing,” said AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes. “I don’t think he actually means the terrible things he put in writing; I think he’s just trying to get a booking. We’re not booking Val Venis and you’re not gonna be booked anywhere near us,” Cody said before adding that the best way to end bigotry is by not even going back-and-forth with people that think this way.

Somehow I doubt Venis, who routinely tweets about the insanity of transgender domination of women’s sports (and the fact that abortion is murder, interestingly enough), cares that he’ll be cancelled by AEW.

We need more folks like Venis who have the nerve to call out their fellow men trying to masquerade as women!

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