Transgender Science Teacher Shows His Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade Students His Personal “Coming Out” Video


Public schools are becoming increasingly hostile and unsafe for even the youngest, most impressionable children.

Parents of children attending Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin were shocked to learn that their children were made to watch a personal “transgender coming out” video from their biologically male science teacher, Mark Vincent Busenbark.

According to Liberty Counsel, Busenbark also instructed each of his students (as young as kindergarten all the way up to fifth grade) to call him by a woman’s name, to use “Mix” (an invented title to replace “Mr.” or “Mrs.”), and to call him by his preferred plural pronouns.

Liberty Counsel sent a records request to the Madison Metropolitan School District in order to uncover the full extent of this teacher’s inappropriate “activism in the classroom.”

As stated on his Facebook timeline, Busenbark, who claims to be “non-binary,” had long anticipated showing the video to every elementary grade child in the school on May 16, 2019.

In another Facebook post, Busenbark explains that the purpose of the disturbing video, in which he reveals his new identity, “Vica Steel,” was to let his students “know who I am and who I am becoming.”

Would you want this person teaching your children?

Wearing women’s clothing in the video, Busenbark tells his students that people who oppose the normalization of transgenderism are motivated by “fear” and “hate.” He also shows the students scary, ghostlike figures in his video to represent these “hateful” people.

Of course, not a word is spoken of the clear science that accurately labels transgenderism as mental illness. Nothing to see there, apparently.

Busenbark also reads a book to the children called, “They Call Me Mix.”

Liberty Counsel reports:

The book includes the statements, “‘BOY or GIRL?’ Are you a boy or a girl? How can you be both? Some days I am both. Some days I am neither. Most days I am everything in between.” The book also states, “As a kid, I never felt like just a girl. I never felt right knowing everyone was deciding and agreeing that I was a girl.” One illustration shows a child sticking her tongue out at an adult who is giving her a dress to wear.

Excuse me, but what does any of that garbage have to do with science, the subject Busenbark is supposed to be teaching these children?

At the video’s conclusion, Busenbark states, “And now, let me introduce myself, anew… I am going to take my wife, Stella Steel’s last name, and I am going to use, not Mister, not Miss, but ‘Mix.’ So you can call me, ‘Mix Steel’… And for my pronouns, you can call me ‘they,’ ‘them,’ and ‘their.’”

This is such a hideous overstep for this teacher to make.

As Liberty Counsel states, Busenbark “has no legal authority to require students entrusted to his care to call him ‘Mix’ or by incorrect pronouns, nor to manipulate them with the idea that they must obey him or be seen as ‘disrespectful’ or ‘hateful’ or ‘not loving.’”  

The poor children that were subjected to Busenbark’s video are already being harmed and confused by its message. One teacher reached out to Busenbark to let him know that one of her kindergartners said, “I feel the same way at times” as “Mx. Steel.”

“It is outrageous that school administrators would allow a male science teacher to expose children to propaganda that promotes confusion about basic biology, and to instruct students to address him by a false name, title and pronouns,” said Liberty Counsel’s Founder and Chairman Mat Staver.

“These impressionable students do not exist to validate Busenbark’s sexual identity,” Staver continued. “Parents send their children to school trusting that they will be taught an academic curriculum, not become participants in a teacher’s play acting.”

It was wholly inappropriate for this teacher to subject his students to such a confusing, agenda-infused, disturbing video.

If it’s not pornographic sex ed in the schools, it’s confusing transgender “coming out” stunts like this, or the incident in California in 2017 in which a teacher held a “transition” party for a kindergarten boy which confused and scared the young students to the point that many returned home in tears.

Our children are no longer safe in the public school system. The classroom is now the breeding ground for confusing, godless leftist ideology. And whether or not you homeschool, you’re paying for it.

This is exactly why we do the work we do here at Activist Mommy; to empower parents to fight back. Let’s make our voices loud and clear! We will not stand for this kind of indoctrination in our public schools.


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