Transgender Sex Criminal Wants To Be Jailed With Female Inmates, Demands Hormone Treatments And Feminine Hygiene Products


Transgenderism is a mental disorder and a spiritual issue that is not only dangerous for the individual experiencing it, but is beginning to pose all sorts of problems for our modern day “progressive” society which desperately wants to appear “inclusive” and thus accommodate the delusions of these folks.

A great example of the conundrum this places our culture in comes from Cass County, North Dakota where a local transgender inmate is launching complaints for being housed with male inmates, not receiving his hormone therapy, and not receiving feminine hygiene products.

The kicker? He’s a sex criminal who is guilty of crimes against women.

Duluth News Tribune has more details:

William Anthony Fly, a 49-year-old who now goes by “Toni,” told county commissioners in a Dec. 29 letter that she’s being housed with male inmates contrary to her desire. She also claimed she was not getting the hormone treatments, feminine hygiene products and female undergarments as required.

“There is a pattern of diverting from all of the recognized standards, to include the federal Constitution of the United States of America,” she wrote.

Capt. Andrew Frobig, the jail administrator, said he has housed inmates with the gender they identify with before, but doesn’t believe it advisable to do so for Fly. “He willfully has sex as a male with females,” Frobig said, referring to Fly. “Considering he’s got crimes related to that, I have to take that into account with a female population.”

Fly is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to transporting a female victim across state lines for criminal sexual acts. Fly is accused of fathering a child with the victim, and prosecutors say they have DNA evidence to prove it, according to court records.

Fly claims to be both “transgender” and “intersex,” stating he’s a “hermaphrodite.”

In other words, this fellow is claiming to have anatomy with both male and female characteristics, but is identifying as a woman.

At the end of the day, this is a man who is guilty of sex crimes against women who is attempting to get jailed alongside other females.

It should be a no-brainer that this guy not be allowed to be transferred to a women’s prison, yet this is a matter that is now up for debate thanks to the lunacy of our modern culture.

So much for all that talk about protecting women from “rape culture,” and equal rights and all the other talking points liberals spout off.

Now, what really mixes this situation up further is the fact that no one is allowed to ask Fly whether or not he is genetically intersex, which does involve a mix of chromosomes, means this could be trickier to solve for the legal authorities involved.

Regardless, a rapist or sexual criminal of any type needs to be isolated from those he or she is attracted to in order to prohibit the individual from having an opportunity to hurt others.