“Transgender” Starts Fight, Media Cries Hate Crime


Eighteen-year-old “transgender” Dakota Kern was attacked and beaten by several people at a pool party in Phoenix on August 16. Kern ended up in the hospital and now the Phoenix Police are treating the attack as a hate crime.

Phoenix news media are reporting on the hate crime angle, but there appears to be more to the story than meets the eye.

Four days before his attack, Kern himself had assaulted a 17 year-old black girl and posted the video on his Facebook page. The video, which has since been removed, showed Kern dragging the girl by her hair and pummeling her in the head. The video also shows Kern calling the black girl a “b*tch” and telling her not to call him a “dude.”

However, Kern’s victim has also posted a video of the incident on YouTube:

And she wrote this description: “I would like to tell y’all that this transgender dude name Dakota Kern aka queen red have been harassing me for a long time and he legally(sic) drag me across the street by my hair calling me a b*tch and hitting me in the head and told me my mama can get it too b*tch and have my mama come her way b*tch , but just let y’all know I’m only 17 years old and this transgender is 19.”

So while Kern and the media portray him as the victim of a hate crime, it would seem his August 16 beating was more likely retaliation for his attack on this black girl.

Comments on Kern’s Facebook page would also appear to back this up. One user wrote, “That’s why you got what you got the other night.”

Another person commented, “Well u beat up my grandaughter last week Karma ain’t no joke.”

Phoenix Police told 12News that at least 3 people are facing charges for Kern’s beating.

No word yet on whether Kern will face any charges for his own assault. But don’t hold your breath.


Trans woman attacked at Phoenix pool party — days after sharing video of herself beating a black girl