Transgender Student Awarded $800K In Lawsuit Against School District


Modern culture is quickly sliding down the slippery slope, becoming more and more accepting of sexual deviance that’s so far out in left field that just a decade or so ago it would’ve landed you in a mental institution.

Now, however, thanks to the left constantly pushing the boundaries, people are beginning to accept things like transgenderism as normal behavior and practice.

Transgenderism became a huge topic of discussion in America soon after the same-sex marriage decision by the Supreme Court, with this new pet cause of the left taking the form of allowing folks with gender dysphoria to use the bathroom of their preferred gender identity.

What’s even more disturbing is that this stuff is being pushed on our children in public schools through various forms of sexual education programs, but it doesn’t end there.

The battle over bathrooms has also infiltrated high schools across the country, and unfortunately, many institutions are so heavily pressured by the LGBT community that they end up capitulating to the needs of a microscopically small minority of students, despite the egregious violation of rights the majority suffer as a result.

In fact, back in July of 2016, Ashton Walker, a 16-year-old transgender student from Wisconsin sued the school district for not allowing her to use the boy’s restroom and for using her actual female birth name.

The district has now caved and decided to settle the case.

LGBTQ Nation is reporting:

After repeated court losses, including a landmark federal appeals court decision that upheld his right to use the boys’ restroom, the Kenosha Unified School District decided to settle the case and drop their appeal to the US Supreme Court. The appeals court ruling came days before he graduated high school in 2017.

The lawsuit alleged the district has denied him access to boys’ restrooms and directed staff to monitor his restroom usage and forced him and other transgender students to wear green wristbands to help staff recognize them. As a result, Whitaker drastically reduced his liquid intake, aggravating a medical condition that causes him to faint, and suffered stress migraines.

The appeals court ruling only applied to Whitaker, however, and not the entire student body.

The district will shell out $800,000 in the settlement. Whitaker will recieve $150,000 while the rest will go to attorneys’ costs. It will also allow him to use the men’s restroom if he returns to campus as an alumnus.

What makes this tale so tragic is that the school has made it clear that the rights of a protected class of students who are a minority now have more protections and rights than they do, and that this institution does not respect their privacy.

Transgenderism might be the name liberals call this disorder, but in reality it’s both a spiritual sickness and a mental illness, a serious problem that requires treatment coupled with the gospel. It’s certainly not something to be celebrated.

Schools need to stand strong and support the will of the parents over the liberal agenda being handed down from the federal government, doing their duty to keep children they have been given charge of safe from the threats that transgenderism poses to them.

If they refuse to do this, it’s time to stop playing nice and look at ways to strip the government of the power over education and hand it over the to parents and local communities where it rightfully belongs.