Transgender Teen Sues New York State Over Sex On Birth Certificate


No matter how much acknowledgment and affirmation transgender individuals get from society, it seems it will never be enough. Only when all possible documentation and all government agencies and all facets of society have been forced to deny reality and kowtow to the transgender ideology will they feel completely validated and complete. At least, that’s what they seem to believe.

This appears to be the case in New York state, where a transgender teen has filed a lawsuit against the state claiming she is being discriminated against by a policy that does not allow for her to change the sex listed on her birth certificate. She claims the state is forcing her to rely on a document that does not accurately portray her identity as a transgender male.

According to Fox 5 New York, on January 7th of this year, the lawsuit was filed in federal court in Albany by Lambda Legal, a national civil rights law firm dedicated to LGBT causes. The lawsuit contends that transgender minors should have the means to “correct” their New York state birth certificates. The suit names Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration’s health commissioner, seeking a change in state policy and a corrected birth certificate for M.H.W.

The lawsuit cites other states and even New York City as examples of jurisdictions where transgender minors can currently change their listed birth certificate sex. The number of people this applies to increased in 2014 when New York changed who could change the sex on their birth certificates to include individuals who have not undergone gender reassignment surgery.

The teen at the center of the aforementioned case is a 14-year-old biological female who now identifies as a male, only referred to in court documents as M.H.W. She says she is “frustrated” by her “incorrect” birth certificate.

M.H.W., who began hormone replacement therapy in September, now lives in Houston, Texas and has managed to get her name approved by a Texas court in October, which allowed for her US passport and Social Security card to list her as a male, according to her mother, Jennifer Wingard.

In a phone interview with The Associated Press, M.H.W.’s father and co-plaintiff on the case, Michael Sicinski, said, “This is really just wanting for our son the same recognition that any other kid has, that most kids just take for granted, that most parents take for granted.”

Let’s be completely blunt. Most parents take for granted that their children’s birth certificate correctly lists the gender they were born as because most parents simply love their children for who they were born as. Only a very small percentage of parents, such as Sicinski and Wingard, feel compelled to encourage their children to be someone they are not and cannot ever actually become, all in an ill-advised attempt to help them address deep-seated issues that aren’t going to be solved with an altered birth certificate.

This lawsuit is yet another push for the complete acceptance and normalization of the transgender ideology. Another push to force us all into complying with this truth-denying rebellion against God Himself. If this lawsuit is successful it will be yet another concession to the demands of the progressive LGBT-focused left, which are always based on feelings rather than facts or science.

These truly are crazy times we are living in. We must continue to stand for what is right and true.

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