Transgender “Woman” Arrested at Denny’s Over Bathroom Incident


An incident that took place in Shelby, North Carolina has reignited the controversy over whether or not people who claim to be transgender ought to be allowed to use whichever bathroom matches the gender they choose to identify with. 

A biological man who believes he is a woman recently used the ladies’ room at a Denny’s restaurant in Shelby when another guest at the restaurant called the police to report a man using the same restroom as his wife. 

Unfortunately, as the husband discovered, the law does not protect actual women. When the police arrived, they explained to the man and his wife that the “trans woman,” had not violated any laws or done anything wrong. 

According to a report by WCNC, Captain Steve Canipe said, “The officers instructed the patrons who were having a question about if it was legal, of course, it is legal for this young lady to use the bathroom that she identified with.”

First of all, this was not a “young lady” using the ladies’ room. He is a man, albeit a very confused man, but a man nonetheless.

It is perfectly understandable that a real man would be concerned about this individual using the same bathroom as his wife, but as we all know, transgender ideology requires us to deny simple truth and facts.

Clearly, the individual was blatantly recognizable as a male, but it seems that the saying, “if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be a duck” is no longer applicable in 21st century America.

If previous reports of predators sneaking into sensitive locations using their “gender identity” as a free pass is any indication, the proverbial duck may very well have been a wolf for all any of us know. That is exactly the fear.

Although this man’s privilege in using whichever bathroom he chooses was defended by the police, his friend, another transgender “woman” referred to in news reports as Michael Lloyd, found himself under arrest after he decided that he couldn’t let the situation rest without avenging his friend and punishing the couple himself. 

The Shelby Star reports:

Michael Lloyd, who also identifies as being a woman, was with the woman who went to use the bathroom.

During the incident, Lloyd allegedly came out of the restaurant and cursed at Short. Short went back into the restaurant. Lloyd followed and spit at Short and his wife, according to police reports.

Lloyd was charged with disorderly conduct and released with an unsecure bond.

“[Lloyd] had already left the restaurant decided to come back in and I guess express [his] opinion by actually spitting at someone, so that is where the problem came in,” Canipe explained.

When it comes to using the bathroom, the law is on Lloyd and his friend’s side, but common sense and decency are not. Unfortunately, the “bathroom bill” that had passed in the state in 2016 was repealed in 2017, taking away protections in North Carolina for those of us who do not wish to share a bathroom or locker room with someone of the opposite sex. 

Now, transgender people are legally allowed to use any bathroom they want to on any given day. This is obviously problematic for numerous reasons, not the least of which being that it is impossible to discern between people genuinely suffering from gender dysphoria and people who are just plain perverts. 

How can women protect themselves from sexual predators who have full access to a space in which they are most vulnerable?

It would be a lot simpler and fairer if all people were required and expected to use the bathroom that matches their biological sex at birth, period.

Of course, Denny’s had to score some points with the transgender community and bow to the LGBT agenda with an official statement on the incident:

“Denny’s does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We are were saddened to hear about the altercation between two guests that took place in Shelby last weekend. Our bathrooms policies across the country allow guests to use the bathroom of their gender identity. Our staff are trained to ensure everyone, regardless of their gender identification is treated equally and we expect our guests to treat everyone in the same manner.”

 Go figure. Maybe Denny’s can do without any more of our business if they’re going to so passionately support gender insanity. 


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