Exclusive: Former Transgender Woman Shares His Path Back To God

A man by the name of Ryan Flores recently took to Facebook to share the journey he took from being a transgender woman, miserable and longing for a greater purpose in life, to finding God and dedicating his life to Him.


“I led a very sinful life before knowing the Lord,” he wrote in his post.

“Everything started when I was a child. I was sexually abused by the group of teenagers (our neighbours) and that experience brought me to confusion. I began to ask questions because I’m starting to have a same sex attraction.”

“Way back in high school I was connected to group of friends that introduced me to a gay lifestyle and vices,” the post continued.

Flores went on to share how, on his journey, he began to consider having a sex change operation after cross-dressing and being on hormones for some time.

“But God is good and it didn’t happen,” he wrote, further discussing how a long-lost relative – who was shocked to see the path he had taken – introduced him to gospel.

“People who new my past were really amazed by the way my life was changed,” he wrote.

“I was wild, I have a lot of vices, and curses always come out from my mouth.”

Those things are no more, however; Flores has surrendered his life fully to God and now works as a pastor.

Of course, to liberals, a story like Flores’ is impossible.

Transgenderism, to them, is not something one can recover from; it’s a way of life that one has little control over.

But Flores is living proof of the wonders that God can work in one’s life if they truly surrender.

“When I was in the bondage of homosexuality I was thinking the same way, that I was born gay and will die gay,” Flores wrote in an email to an Activist Mommy team member.

“But when I began to know the truth it opened my heart and eyes. And the truth set me free.”

“The enemy is a liar,” he continued. “He wants to kill, steal and destroy God’s ordained plan for all of us. Give God a chance to reveal Himself to you. He loves you so much. Renew your mind – tell the enemy to shut up.”

“You are not born that way. But born to do His will. God doesn’t make mistakes. You’re not an accident, He handpicked you.”

Concerning how his relationship with God changed since he turned away from his lifestyle of sin, Flores wrote, “everyone who knows my past was amazed how Jesus changed my life. Now God is using me to tell the world that God can change us only if we are willing.”

“I have this kind of joy in my heart sharing God’s love to everyone,” he continued. “Until now I’m not stopping pursuing God every day. And from Glory to Glory, God is changing me.”

Hear Ryan Flores speak about his journey below.

Please continue to pray for Flores, that he might continue on the path of righteousness and inspire many, many more people caught in sin to reach out to the Lord.