True Female Empowerment! Louisiana Woman Fends Burglar Off With Rifle


The left seems to think that those of us who oppose third-wave radical feminism simply want to see women reduced to demure weaklings who need men to defend them.

Not so! It is true that basic human biology and sensible biblical morality dictate that men and women are inherently different and that it is far more functional to have complementary roles in the home and in society. There is nothing anti-woman about admitting that the majority of women are physically weaker than the majority of men, in fact, you put women at a serious disadvantage when you try to ignore this fact.

The truth of the matter is that in the United States, we have the right to keep and bear incredible tools for women to defend themselves regardless of their physical stature: firearms.

A recent incident in Louisana is a very important reminder that the Second Amendment guaranteed true equality for American women long before bra burning, slut marches, or the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Daily Wire reports that a female homeowner in Louisana was able to ward off an intruder with her rifle without even needing to fire a shot.

The female homeowner called law enforcement, reporting that she was holding the home invader at gunpoint with her own rifle after he broke into the home. The resident said Tommy Foster Jr., age 40, had broken in and was in her living room. Her name was not available to the public.

She used her rifle to hold him at gunpoint while she called local deputies. Foster fled through the same door he used to enter the home illegally; deputies found him in a black Ford truck on a nearby road while they were on their way to the scene of the break-in.

Authorities believe that Foster was under the influence of bath salts, and was belligerent and violent as he was taken into custody after being cleared by an ambulance crew, reportedly kicking officers in the chest.

Imagine what this woman might have been subject to had she not been armed! If he felt emboldened enough to kick officers of the law who were surrounded by their colleagues, what would he have done to a woman alone in her house?

This is why we defend the Second Amendment. Women already have equality in this country, and we need to fight to make sure that remains intact so that women across the country can truly be empowered!