Trump 2020 Campaign Offers “Make America Great Again Pride” T-Shirts


While President Trump has done a great job of surrounding himself with Christian advisors and defending religious liberty, his campaign, and conservatives in general, have been engaged in a morally compromised practice of pandering to the LGBT crowd.

As we inch ever closer to the tumultuous 2020 presidential election, President Trump’s campaign has hauled in record-breaking donations totaling nearly $170 million for his re-election bid.

Among offerings on his campaign website, such as the infamous red MAGA hat, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee now offers “Pride” shirts featuring the president’s 2016 campaign slogan printed in rainbow letters.

We need President Trump to defeat the wildly unhinghed leftists looking to unseat him, but we need him to stand against the onslaught of the radical LGBT as well. Yes, the president has many LGBT supporters, but considering who is Vice President is and what some of his policies have been, they’d likely support him without his campaign’s open support of the LGBT community.

After all, Trump’s success has been in large part due to his rejection of identity politics, so why is his campaign trying to engage in them now?

We have so much to owe to the Trump administration for their work over the last few years, but it is troubling to see his campaign give this hearty nod to sexual anarchy, when a second term could give POTUS 45 ample opportunity to oppose it.

It’s not just the Trump campaign. There is a growing movement of conservatives who feel obligated to pander to homosexuals. This is deeply troubling, considering it’s the LGBT movement itself that is behind so many social issues conservatives are fighting right now.

If ever there was evidence that we should never place our complete faith in fallible political leaders, it’s this.

Still, we must not abandon our President. We must call on Donald Trump to stay true to the voter base that elected him. After all, he may not have anything to do with the selection of this t-shirt. He can win the presidency again without pandering to sin.

Reach out to his campaign and request that they drop these t-shirts and stick to the values their supporters believe in so adamantly!

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