Trump Calls on Facebook to Reinstate Women for Trump Group After Sudden Removal


President Donald Trump intervened after Facebook reportedly deleted the “New Jersey Women for Trump” page, calling on the social media behemoth to “put them back NOW!”

Early Sunday morning, the president retweeted a report from about the sudden, unexplained deletion of the group, which had nearly 30,000 members.

Early that morning, the president shared an update that the group would be “restored immediately” and that it was taken down in the first place due to an “enforcement error.”

“People are really, really mad,” said Priscilla Confrey, co-director of New Jersey Women For Trump, told when the group was first deleted. “When you have that many people and they’re shut down, they feel silenced.”

While awaiting any word from Facebook, who did not return requests for contact from any news outlets, Confrey created a new group that has already surpassed 30,000 members.

“It was a lot of work over the past year for a private group to just be shut down without notification,” she went on. “Three days before Election Day? That is absolutely appalling. I just think these companies, these social media groups, have too much power. They offer to you to open up a group on their social media platform, and you could have 30,000 members, and they shut it down without telling you anything.”

Folks, it is exactly this kind of behavior on the part of these technocrats that we need to keep in mind as we head to the polls today!

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