Trump Chooses Family Man To Replace Obama Appointed Gay Ambassador



The latest pick by President Trump that should have believers and conservatives thrilled is a newly installed ambassador to Spain, a spot previously held by a pro-LGBT, openly gay man who was “married” to another man.

The new ambassador, Richard Duke Buchan III, is a family man with a wife and three children who says he will “cut with Obama’s plans to impose the LGBT agenda in the world through diplomatic pressures.”

LifeSiteNews has more:

Richard Duke Buchan III has taken the place of former Ambassador James Costos, ‘husband’ of interior designer, Michael Smith, who redecorated the executive mansion for the Obamas.

When the Obama’s vacated the White House in January 2017, their first stop was at the Palm Springs home of Costos and Smith where they spent a few days before leaving the country for a ten day stay in the British Virgin Islands.

In June 2015, Costos was one of seven “openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex U.S. Ambassadors” issuing a joint letter explaining “how proposed trade agreements will export our values of equality and tolerance.” The eighth signatory was Randy Berry, Obama’s Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons.

The letter in question contains information that points to how Obama, in conjunction with the State Department, sought to use trade policy, along with other measures, to put pressure on other countries in a bid to force them to accept and implement LBGT-positive ideology.

Many developing nations were shocked by this strategy, especially Africa and the Caribbean, where same-sex marriage and transgender issues were met with firm resistance.

Thankfully, it seems those days are now behind us, which again, is one of the positives of a Trump presidency compared to what we likely would’ve had with Hillary at the helm.

These developing nations will no longer have to be concerned about liberals from the U.S. attempting to force them to accept sexually deviant behavior and ideology before being allowed to trade and participate in other policies.

The traditional family unit is hated by the left because at the core, leftism wants to supplant the family unit with the government, encouraging future generations to shun their parents and look to the state and the “elite” for things they would normally turn to their families for.

It’s great to finally see these values, which are biblical in nature, once again championed by leadership in America.