Trump Loyalists Replace Outgoing DOD Officials Following Esper’s Firing


President Donald Trump may or may not be leaving Washington, D.C. in January, but if these are indeed the final days of his presidency, he will leave a dramatic impact on the Department of Defense as one of his key 2016 campaign promises seems geared to come to final fruition.

Last week, Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, placing National Counterterrorism Center director Christopher Miller as the Acting Secretary in his place, LifeSite News reported.

POTUS and Esper had a reportedly tense relationship following the latter’s public opposition to the administration’s proposed use of military forces to addressed widespread civic unrest sparked by Black Lives Matter protests across the nation following the death of George Floyd in late May.

Several Pentagon officials resigned following Esper’s ousting, including acting policy undersecretary James Anderson, intelligence undersecretary Joseph Kernan, and Esper chief of staff Jen Stewart as NBC reported.

These three will be replaced respectively my retired Army Gen. Anthony Tata, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a former aide to Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, who served as national security adviser to President Donald Trump before being implicated in the Robert Mueller investigation, and former National Security Council official Kash Patel, who has been one of the key officials looking into the origins of the aforementioned Special Council investigation into what is now known colloquially as “Spygate.”

LifeSite notes that many expect these changes at the Pentagon to lead towards the full withdrawal of the remaining U.S. troops in Afghanistan before Inauguration Day 2021.

Trump, who has opposed endless wars since years before his presidential run, promised to pull our forces out of the war-torn region during the 2016 election but has faced fierce opposition from within the establishment military complex.

It’s one aspect of his presidency you’ll hardly ever hear any of his critics address, but Trump has been the first president in decades—from either part—not to involve the U.S. in a foreign military conflict.

This is an extraordinary accomplishment for a nation that has faced longstanding, bipartisan resistance to involvement with military conflicts overseas, and one you’d think would be universally appealing in today’s political climate.

Just imagine what Americans would think of this unique, outsider president had he been subject to an even slightly less biased media complex!

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