Trump Official Delivers Scathing Comment: Abortion Is Not The Cure For Rape


We are occupying an era of time in which radical left-wing feminists spew forth an incoherent worldview whereby violence against women is rightfully, passionately decried, yet paradoxically the violent, brutal decapitation of unborn children is celebrated, even demanded.

Women in favor of the holocaust of abortion often cite cases of rape as justification for the continued legalization of child murder, citing that a baby conceived in such a situation is a punishment to the mother who will be reminded of the horror she endured every day if forced to give birth. Apparently it’s completely acceptable to punish a child for the sins of his father in the progressive worldview.

Well, one official in the Trump administration is saying such a thought process is totally bunk, noting that the violence of abortion is not the cure for the violence of rape.

LifeSiteNews is reporting:

Scott Lloyd, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), said in a memo released Thursday that the violence of abortion does not cure the violence of sexual assault.

Lloyd said in the memo he was convinced that assisting with an abortion for an unaccompanied illegal immigrant minor was not in the girl’s best interest and he could not authorize it, and that “abortion does not here cure the reality that she is the victim of an assault.”

“To decline to assist in an abortion here is to decline to participate in violence against an innocent life,” Lloyd stated.

The memo was included in a filing Thursday by the government, the AP reports, in a lawsuit brought by the ACLU over whether HHS’s responsibility for the unaccompanied minors in its care also includes facilitating abortions.

HHS declined to comment on whether Lloyd’s memo denoted the department’s official policy.

One of the legitimate realms of government that exists, the area in which they are actually supposed to intervene in the affairs of citizens, is the protection of the most basic, God-given right we have: the right to life.

They are not to support the murder of society’s most vulnerable and unprotected citizens, the ones without a voice to express their rights and make choices of their own.

Given this truth, it is morally reprehensible that our government would assist anyone in the murder of a child, knowing that doing so is a misappropriation of tax dollars that violates the conscience of those who oppose abortion based on their beliefs.

This is why Christians and the pro-life movement in general need to move beyond piecemeal removal of abortion and seek to full on ban the practice, to abolish it altogether. Technically, since it’s murder, it should already be classified as illegal, but the left has redefined homicide and abortion to make them more easily consumed by the masses.

This is something that simply must change. Let’s pray for God to raise up strong believers in the church and in government service who will fight this scourge on humanity and seek to destroy this egregious attack on the glory of God and His image bearers, and for abortion to be abolished once and for all.