Trump Reverses Obama “Equal Access” Rule in Favor of Protecting Women and Girls


Former president Barack Obama was an unprecedented champion of the LGBT agenda. Right before he left office in 2016, he imposed a series of rules to “protect” transgender people by allowing them the privilege of choosing whichever bathroom, locker room, or even homeless shelter to use based on their “gender identity.”

Obviously, more than “protect” anyone, this has primarily been problematic for women and children as it makes them vulnerable to male sexual predators posing as “transgender women.” 

The purpose of women’s shelters is to protect women and girls who have been victims of physical and sexual abuse. 

It is vitally important that these spaces remain for women only, and to allow men in (even men who “identify” as women) puts the women and children at risk and violates what should be a very safe space. 

It’s really crazy that we even have to have this discussion, but this is 21st century, enlightened America. Somehow it is a transgender “‘right”’ to force the majority of the population to play along and pretend that their gender dysphoria is just a lifestyle choice to be celebrated. 

The fact is, people suffering from gender dysphoria are a small fraction of the population and Obama put their “rights” over the welfare and safety of many abused women and children. Why is it not a right for biological women and girls to be able to find safety and use facilities specifically for biological women?

Thankfully, President Trump and his administration are working to fix these dangerous policies.

In reference to Trump’s reversal of this policy, WND reports:

“It would protect vulnerable women and children by letting federally funded shelters consider a range of factors – such as biological sex – in deciding whether to provide lodging to certain people. The rule is set to take effect next month.”

OneNewsNow reports:

HUD’s proposal restores the right of shelter operators to do be able to once again allow their facilities to do what they were intended to do – provide safe and secure accommodations for their visitors and inhabitants.

It is good to see common sense and sanity being slowly restored where possible by Trump and his administration. 

Another benefit of this rule reversal is that it will hopefully encourage more churches and organizations of faith to get involved in helping battered and abused women, as these groups have been afraid to seek HUD funding due to concerns about the government trying to shut them down because of their religious beliefs.  

As the Liberty Counsel notes, “The rule will also provide flexibility for faith-based shelter providers, saying the current rule might discourage them from seeking HUD funding because of their religious beliefs.”

Continue to pray for the Trump administration, that they take more measures to protect women, children, and religious liberty from the invading force of the transgender agenda. 


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