Trump Warns He’ll Pull Funding From CA Over Radical Historical Revisionist Curriculum


President Donald Trump has warned that the U.S. Department of Education could pull federal funding from California, should their schools implement the radical, historical revisionist curriculum from the 1619 Project.

BizPac Review reports that in response to a tweet about California’s plans to implement the notorious far-left propaganda into public schools, the president replied that “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!”

BPR explains that “In the divisive and unreliable alternative journalistic take on American history that the New York Times created and then managed to spread far and wide, 1619 refers to the year that slaves first arrived in the colonies. The premise by the authors is that 1619, not 1776, was thus the year of America’s founding.”

While the Claremont Institute’s The American Mind explains, “The 1619 project…is socially divisive on its surface and at its core. In its racialized partisanship it divides white and black Americans from each other, and in its anti-Americanism it divides people, especially the many students it bids to influence, from their country.”

This radical ideology is already finding its way into the classroom.

“The controversial 1619 curriculum has reportedly been distributed to 3,500-plus K-12 classrooms in America,” BPR notes.

The 1619 Project has been on the radar of many a concerned conservative for a while now, particularly in the midst of this summer’s “anti-racism” violence which has spread across the nation.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has introduced a bill to strip federal funding from schools that use the 1619 Project’s curriculum called “Saving American History Act of 2020.” As Cotton has acknowledged, however, federal funding makes up a small portion of a state’s educational budget.

The 1619 Project is part of a broader, pervasive trend of Critical Race Theory (CRT), an ideology we can blame for recent radical views on race that require all white people to admit to their own inherent, unavoidable racism. This parallel to the Christian concept of original sin makes it difficult not to compare the ideology to a false religion.

A Real Clear Investigations explains of CRT:

Today’s critics treat CRT as agitprop advancing totalitarianism in the guise of research and scholarship. As blatant racism becomes a thing of the past, they contend, leftists are left grasping for flimsy evidence, either by expanding the definition of racism or by making outrageous statements, to keep up their narrative of oppression…Where critical race theorists depict the Western Enlightenment as the ultimate oppression narrative, CRT’s foes uphold Western values as humanity’s best, if imperfect, hope for progress.

Over the weekend, President Trump also announced he would be banning the use of federal funds to provide CRT workshops or educational sessions.

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