Trump’s Pro-Life Efforts At United Nations Defeated By Pro-Abortion EU Countries


At appears the culture of death has won this round at the United Nations.

As we reported back in the fall, President Trump’s diplomatic staff had spoken at the United Nations General Assembly as the foremost among a growing number of countries calling for pro-life diplomacy, declaring that there is “no international right to abortion.”

According to C-Fam, however,  US-proposed pro-life amendments to UN resolutions adopted before Christmas “failed by a wide margin.”

C-Fam reports:

“The U.S. cannot accept references to sexual and reproductive health or to other language that would promote abortion or suggest a right to abortion,” said the U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations. The short explanation of the U.S. position came after two U.S. amendments failed to pass during the adoption of a resolution on humanitarian assistance.

The U.S. proposed amendments to resolutions on global health and humanitarian interventions in the plenary of the General Assembly, as well as three other resolutions on girls, children and youth that were adopted before Christmas. The amendments sought to delete or replace the term “sexual and reproductive health.”

In the plenary session of the General Assembly, the U.S. received support from up to fifteen countries in 2019, a significant increase from only one in 2018. Even so, more than 100 other countries coalesced against U.S. pro-life amendments alongside the Europeans, an increase from some eighty last year.

US diplomats called for euphemistic references to abortion such as “sexual and reproductive health” to be stricken from UN resolutions, but to no avail, which C-Fam’s Stefano Gennarini says is “a direct result of EU abortion advocacy.”

“The EU has emerged as a formidable rival to the U.S. when it comes to the pro-life cause,” Gennarini continues. “With its twenty-eight EU bloc countries and their supporters, the EU can boast an army of diplomats and ministers in New York and capitals all across Europe.

“The bloc exerts influence on delegations from developing countries and their capitals,” Gennarini states. “While US pro-life diplomacy is still in its infancy, EU abortion diplomacy is systematic, constant, and backed by financial incentives to developing countries.

Delegates told C-Fam that the US has a long way to go if it will ever mount an effective response to the European pro-abort contingency in the UN.

Pro-life amendments were “not widely discussed” with other diplomats in the weeks leading up to the vote, Gennarini says, and were “not submitted in a timely fashion or respecting UN diplomatic protocols.” Surprisingly, US diplomats were “not perceived as invested in [the] successful adoption” of the amendments, delegates reported.

Justification for the amendments was also “curt and incoherent,” delegates stated.

We’ve got to do better, folks! If the US is going to bother being a part of the wildly leftist-dominated United Nations, we’ve got to be smart to effect any real change.

Pray for President Trump and his diplomatic team to have renewed resolve and to be truly invested in putting a stop to the global holocaust of the unborn!

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