Tucker Carlson Interviews Former Clinic Manager On How Planned Parenthood Makes Its Money


Tucker Carlson hosted a former Planned Parenthood manager named Abby Johnson on his show on Monday evening.

Johnson’s interview disclosed explosive information about abortion quotas expected of every Planned Parenthood and the methods that the organization uses to encourage more pregnancies, leading to more abortions down the road.

“[Birth control] is just a way to get these young girls in there, put them on a pill or a method with a high human-error rate, and eventually they’re gonna end up pregnant and that’s another way to sell them an abortion.”

Johnson also saw the sale of fetal tissue during her time at Planned Parenthood.

She says in the interview that at the affiliate she managed, the entire body was sold for up to $200 per fetus, which went to a company called “Amphioxus”.

Johnson goes on to explain that at the Texas clinic where she worked—”the largest abortion clinic in the western hemisphere, second to China”—the sale of fetal tissue could collect over $2 million annually from that one clinic alone.

“The one that they line-item everything, it looks like it’s a legitimate business transaction,” Johnson tells Carlson in the interview.

“If you line-item it correctly, then that’s how they’re skirting around the law.”

Here’s the full interview: