Tucker Carlson Questions Democrat Who Supports Law To Jail People For Using “Wrong Pronouns”


Tucker Carlson questioned Democratic strategist Robin Biro yesterday for supporting criminal punishments against people who use the “wrong pronoun” to describe transgender people.

“There are a lot of things that I don’t like to hear,” Carlson began, moving on. “People call me names, I find it abusive, I have mental anguish as a result of that, let’s say. Should they go to jail for that?”

“If they are your healthcare provider, then yes,” answered Biro.

Carlson also asked the Democratic strategist how many times someone would have to use the wrong pronoun before police show up and throw him in jail.

Biro tried to dodge the question and said that there was no specific number of times listed in the bill he supports.

Watch the interview below.

People on Twitter are having a field day with the insanity.

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