Twisted Sex Slavery Ring Busted in Dallas


If we’ve learned anything over the last few weeks, as left-wing politicians and the mainstream media wax hyperbolic over the policy of separating children from their parents after they’ve entered the country illegally, it’s that you can never trust what the media says about the real issues facing our country.

As we bicker over sensible border policies that have been going on for decades, most will ignore the truly heinous crimes that are happening on a mass scale in this nation: namely, sex trafficking.

A recent bust in Dallas, Texas, is a disturbing example of just how easy it is for someone to operate even a small-scale sex slavery ring right from their own home, seemingly unnoticed by neighbors.

WFAA Dallas reports:

A West Dallas couple is in federal custody, accused of operating a sex trafficking enterprise. Investigators say Desmond Kintwana Bethany and Bailey Jane Hance held women captive, assaulted them, and forced the victims to engage in commercial sex acts.

According to court documents, Bethany and Hance allegedly operated the trafficking ring between June 2015 and April 2018. The victims identified Bethany as a “pimp” who held them against their will. They say Hance was his “bottom girl,” or oldest woman and worker, who helped lure the others they held captive.

At least three of the victims claim they were routinely raped by Bethany. They claim Bethany and Hance would beat them with clothing hangers, boxing gloves, his fists, and tree branches as punishment.

One of the victims told investigators the suspects would give them drugs like heroin, ecstasy and cocaine in order to keep the girls doped up as a means of control before forcing them to go on sex dates for money.

This couple was able to capture and exploit women for three years before one of the girls got up the courage to flee, and no one noticed this?

The way police finally became made aware of this house of horrors is stunning:

According to court documents, one of the victims escaped in April 2018. She says she ran when Bethany ordered her to take out the trash. The woman says she jumped into an ice cream vendor’s truck and begged him to help her track down police.

Bethany allegedly pointed a gun at the ice cream truck driver asking where the victim was, but the driver left the scene and took the victim to a nearby school and flagged down a police officer.

“This is a real problem right here in our community as well as our state,” says Karen Green, the founder and director of Haven of Love, a non-profit organization that helps women escape from sex trafficking and prostitution.

“You need to start paying attention to what’s going on next door to you, or across the street from you,” she added.

The bonds that once held communities together–family, church, a life free of social media–have all but dissolved and people no longer look out for their neighbors.

Change has to start on a grassroots level. Take a look around your community, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you see something unusual. There are lives across the nation and the world that live in subjection to evil criminal minds.

This ring was busted due to the heroic acts of a single citizen, who put his neck out to help another person. Let that be a lesson to all of us–there’s always someone out there who can use our help.