Twix Ad Featuring Boy in Princess Dress Appears to Advocate for Using Violence Against Intolerance


Social media was in an uproar this week over a Halloween-themed ad featuring a little boy in a princess dress and his nanny, an apparent witch who sends a critical playground bully flying away in a whirlwind.

The ad begins with the little boy playing in his living room as his new nanny, sporting goth boots, black lipstick, and a witch hat rings the doorbell.

In the scenes that follow, the ad appears to intend to affirm that it’s OK to be “different” yet as the witch-nanny ultimately sends a bigger boy who tells his young charge that he and his caretaker “look weird” and that “boys don’t wear dresses,” flying off after seeming to conjure up a powerful wind.

The little boy is delighted; his nanny appears slightly nervous and suggests that they go home. When the child asks if the bigger boy will come back, she replies, “probably.”

Twix bars do not play prominently in the advertisement at all.

While clearly intended to be lighthearted and supportive of children who are “different,” the inclusion of a cross-dressing child captured the attention of conservative and Christian commentators, who took issue both with the subtle nod to LGBT gender ideology as well as making light of violence against intolerance.

Christian blogger and commentator Samuel Sey asserted that the advertisement featured “two kinds of child abuse.”

Earlier this year, the animated program “Muppet Babies” attracted similar backlash after featuring an episode in which the male character Gonzo dressed as a princess.

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