Two Arrested On Child Molestation Charges After A Teacher Noticed Their Lewd Texts During A Flight

PHOTO: New York Times

A preschool teacher flying from Seattle to San Jose saw the man seated in front of her was having an alarming text message conversation, according to The New York Times.

Michael Kellar’s texts were about “sexually molesting young children” and were in very large print on a large screen, so the woman behind him was able to read them and take photos.


She alerted the flight crew, who had police waiting for him at the gate in San Jose when the flight landed.

“She’s definitely a hero in our eyes,” said detective sgt. brian spears, commander of the san jose police department’s internet crimes against children task force.

Kellar was charged with attempted child molestation and solicitation of sexual acts, according to the report. The person he was texting—Gail Burnworth—was also arrested and charged.

Sgt. Spears said their conversation was a description of the “specific sex acts performed on children, as well as bestiality.”

“It definitely goes beyond just that flight,” he added. “There is a history of conversations between them.”

Authorities failed to charge Burnworth within the necessary 72 hours, so she was initially released. On Friday, she was re-arrested and charged with conspiring to produce child pornography.


Southwest Airlines released a statement on the incident:

In an emailed statement, it said, “We always encourage customers to say something to our employees or law enforcement if they see something suspicious.”

Kudos to the preschool teacher and flight attendant who stepped up and acted fast.

Hopefully, these sickos will be put away for good.

Source: NY Times