Two Companies Selling Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Get Shut Down


Back in the summer of 2015, an undercover video blew the lid off of a highly disturbing practice at Planned Parenthood that took the whole child murder and dismemberment bit to a new level of horrifying.

These videos, put out by the Center for Medical Progress, clearly showed the body parts of aborted children being sold for money. Some of the individuals on these videos actually bragged about how much money they could get for “samples,” clearly not caring these were dead human beings they were auctioning off, nor did they seem to care that federal law makes such transactions illegal.

Such practices should’ve immediately led to Planned Parenthood being defunded by Congress and the organizations involved in this scandal investigated. However, that isn’t what happened, despite promises of such from the GOP.

Now, however, it looks like some justice is finally being served, though it’s still not quite enough

LifeNews is reporting:

In what is the first successful prosecution in the scandal involving Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, and the sale of aborted baby parts, two companies that sold aborted baby parts for the nation’s biggest abortion company have been forced to close down.

The two California-based companies reached a settlement with the Orange County District Attorney’s office of almost $8 million dollars. As a result of the settlement the two companies will close up shop over the next couple of months and will no longer be selling parts from babies killed in abortions for Planned Parenthood or anyone else.

This is huge news and the first successful result of the effort by the Center for Medical progress and leading pro-life organizations to expose the industry surrounding the sale of aborted baby parts.

Here’s a few more details from the Los Angeles Times:

According to the settlement signed Monday, DV Biologics LLC and sister company DaVinci Biosciences LLC, both based in Yorba Linda, must cease all operations in California within 60 to 120 days. The agreement also requires the companies to admit liability for violations of state and federal laws prohibiting the sale or purchase of fetal tissue for research purposes, prosecutors said.

Also named as defendants in the settlement are company principals Estefano Isaias Sr., Estefano Isaias Jr. and Andres Isaias.

This is fantastic news and is a step in the right direction, however, it’s still not going far enough. We absolutely must continue to protest, share information, and lobby for Planned Parenthood to be defunded and for abortion to be totally abolished.

Anything less than that is not submission to God’s Word, nor will it save the lives of the majority of the unborn. Abolition must be the end goal.

Two folks who are likely not going to enjoy this news are The View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, who back in November of 2015 shut down presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, more or less saying she was lying by claiming Planned Parenthood admitted to selling body parts from aborted children.

Well, she certainly stands vindicated today.

Here’s a link to the video clip of their interaction sourced from NewsBusters:

Let’s continue to pray for more steps to be taken to end the holocaust of the unborn in America!