Two Texas Cities Become 27th, 28th in Nation to Pass “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” Ordinances


This week, two Texas cities joined 25 others in the Lone Star State and two in Nebraska that have opted to pass “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” ordinances within their city limits.

On Monday, the Texas city of Abernathy’s city council voted unanimously to outlaw abortion, using civil lawsuits as its “most immediate enforcement mechanism,” according to The Texan.

“The living kin of aborted children can sue their abortionists, but not the mother, under the law,” the outlet reports.

One council member during the meeting motioned to put the ordinance to a general vote, but this was poorly received by the packed chamber, who issued boos in response.

“People don’t want their city councils to put these things up for a public vote,” Mark Lee Dickson, who founded the Sanctuary Cities of the Unborn Initiative, said of this notion.

“They want their mayor and city council to pass this rather than have to do a citywide election… People want their mayor and city council to actually have the cojones to do something.”

Earlier this month, the city of Lubbock became the largest city in the nation to vote on a sanctuary city ordinance, which it passed by general vote.

On Tuesday, Poyner’s city council also unanimously voted in their ordinance. And while the town is much smaller than Lubbock with a population of just 300, it became the 28th nationwide to pass a sanctuary city for the unborn ordinance.

In April, Blue Hill, Nebraska became the second in the state to outlaw abortion and the 25th in the nation to do so.

There have not yet been any states outside of Texas or Nebraska to pass “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” ordinances.

There is no doubt however that the movement, which began in 2019, is trending.

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