TX Gov. Abbot Says Migrant Children Sexually Abused, “Health and Safety Nightmare” At Texas Facility


Last week, Texas Governor Greg alleged there has been sexual abuse, inadequate food and staff, failure to quarantine those who test positive for COVID-19, and an overall “health and safety nightmare” at a Texas facility housing migrant children.

Governor Abbot is calling for the facility at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio to be closed and blaming President Joe Biden’s border policies for the creation of these horrific conditions, declaring in no uncertain terms the new administration is “now presiding over the abuse of children.”

“These problems are a byproduct of President Biden’s open-border policies and the lack of planning for the fallout from those disastrous policies,” he charged, as Just the News reported.

The Republican governor explained Wednesday that “the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services separately received tips that allege child abuse and neglect,” at the San Antonio facility.

He explained the degree to which the complaints say the migrant children are being abused, neglected, and inadequately shielded from the COVID-19 virus.

“Complaints that were sent to these state agencies include the following four things: Children at this facility are being sexually assaulted. Second, there are not enough staff to safely supervise the children at this facility. Third, some children in this facility are not eating throughout the day. And fourth, children with COVID are not being physically separated from children without COVID,” Governor Abbot said.

“In short, this facility is a health and safety nightmare. The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children,” he continued.

Governor Abbot called for the facility to be shuttered and the children to be transported to a facility better suited to accommodate them.

“To end this abuse, the Biden administration must immediately shut down this facility. The children who are in this facility should be moved to other federally run facilities where the federal government has the space, personnel, and resources to ensure their safety,” he said.

There has been a boom in unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border since President Biden took office, with over 20,000 currently in the custody of the federal Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

According to government projections, there could be as many as 35,000 migrant children in federal custody by June.

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