Hilarious Viral Video Reimagines Uber For Christians

A hilarious new video from Christian comedian John Crist’s Facebook page envisions a version of the ride sharing app made specifically for Christians.


“Love Uber but always worried about the music selection and the topics your driver may bring up?” the video’s caption reads.

“Introducing UberChristian!”

“Radio filters ensure that K-LOVE is streaming at all times,” the satirical clip’s narrator announces.

“With UberChristian you can now enjoy like-minded conversation from drivers who also enjoy Fox News over CNN.”

The clip then features a shot of the complimentary water and mints – aptly called Living Water and Scripture Mints – included with all UberChristian travels.

And what might an UberChristian passenger give their driver for tip, you might ask? Not money but a passage from scripture!

Check out the hilarious video – which has amassed more than 16,029 shares so far – below.

John Crist, Facebook