Ugandan Woman Beaten, Poisoned By Her Own Family After Accepting Jesus Christ


A Ugandan woman is recovering from severe injuries after her own father beat and tortured her and tried to force her to drink poison after she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.

Her family is Muslim.

Morning Star News reports that 38-year-old Hajat Habiiba Namuwaya was found struggling for her life by her pastor after she was cruelly attacked in his home by her family in her home in the village of Namakoko in Uganda’s Nangonde Sub-County.

Numuwaya came to know the Lord in February when a pastor prayed for her as she was hospitalized with breast cancer, causing what she says was a miraculous healing.

Her mother warned her that her father would kill her, so she took refuge in the pastor’s house.

When she contacted some friends to tell them of her conversion via WhatsApp, the message eventually circulated back to her father, who recruited several relatives to track her down.

“My father, Al-Hajji Mansuru Kiita, recited many Koranic verses cursing and denouncing me as no longer one of the family members,” she told Morning Star News. “He started beating and torturing me with a blunt object, inflicting bruises on my back, chest and legs, and finally forced me to drink poison, which I tried to resist but swallowed a little of it.”

Neighbors heard her cries for help, and their presence scared off her family members. They left behind a letter denouncing Numuwaya, a former Islamic teacher, and the pastor, whose name was kept anonymous for his own protection.

“The pastor was not around when the attackers arrived, but a neighbor telephoned him,” the woman said. “He feared to come immediately but later came and found me fighting for my life. I was rushed to the nearby clinic for first aid, and later I was taken to another place for treatment and prayers.”

Numuwaya is now recovering in an undisclosed location, and is struggling with a constant pain in her stomach and the grief of being separated from her three children, who are with their father.

She does not want to contact police, because she is concerned that her family might make up false charges against her.

Last month, a 70-year-old Ugandan pastor was killed on his way home from the market by Islamists who were angry that he was sharing the gospel with Muslims in their community.

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